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Published on 2016/01/25


Each family is a world, with their stories, problems, discussions... Family Strokes is a porn series that shows what happens in different homes. They haven't reinvented the wheel, but at least they gave it a very interesting and personal touch.
Elsa Jean and Hollie Mack go to bed in order to nap with mother (?). After that they'll go shopping, but the step-father's not sleepy. Not at all.





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Pictures of Elsa Jean published on her social accounts:

Angie is one of my favorite make up artist ❤️

Una foto publicada por Elsa Jean (@elsaxjean) el

I'm ready for bed 😈😏

Una foto publicada por Elsa Jean (@elsaxjean) el

Selfies with the lovely @holliemackattack ❤️

Una foto publicada por Elsa Jean (@elsaxjean) el

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Photos from Hollie Mack's Instagram and Twitter accouts:

#lingerie #stockings and #highheels to match!✌🏻️

Una foto publicada por Hollie Mack 🎀 (@holliemackattack) el

Well Hello There! 💋

Una foto publicada por Hollie Mack 🎀 (@holliemackattack) el

That time I was checking out Rucka Rucka Ali's Twitter and ended up in my Underwear! 😱

Una foto publicada por Hollie Mack 🎀 (@holliemackattack) el

And who's the third chick? Because she's the hottest one!

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