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Published on 2015/03/13


I'm sure many of you have fond memories of Luba Shumeyko. Luba was one of the first chicks to hold the title of "Queen of the Internet". Her relationship with photographer Petter Hegre, from Hegre-Art, made her face and her beautiful boobs to jump from computer to computer...

One of her most famous photo shoots is the yoga gallery. We published it here on Alrincon and I'm sure you've seen photos from it here or somewhere else... What I hadn't seen is the "making of" video. It was uploaded some weeks ago to Hegre-Art's Vimeo account.

Happy Valentine ❤️

Una foto publicada por Luba Shumeyko (@lubashumeyko) el

Found a perfect yoga outfit #yoga

Una foto publicada por Luba Shumeyko (@lubashumeyko) el

Still bikini season. I see seals and dolphins outside my window. Wonderful life 😀#lulifama#bikini

Una foto publicada por Luba Shumeyko (@lubashumeyko) el

Too hot to wear clothes #heatwaveinmalibu#tryingtobesexybutitstoofunny#

Una foto publicada por Luba Shumeyko (@lubashumeyko) el

Here she's trying on some bikinis...

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