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Published on 2017/02/10


This video's at least 4 years old or maybe more... and no, I hadn't watched it. Or I don't remember it.
Famous Aussie athlete Michelle Jenneke was enjoying a day by the lake with her loved ones. Someone tied a rope on a nearby tree, to be used to jump into the water... and... well... you can imagine what's gonna happen...

In this other video we can see her wearing the same bikini and doing some of the steps of the choreography that made her famous...

Some recent pictures shared on her Instagram account:

Another solid week of training finished 😊 Can't wait to start racing soon!

Una foto publicada por Michelle Jenneke (@mjenneke93) el

Aussie summer ❤ #beach #goldcoast

Una foto publicada por Michelle Jenneke (@mjenneke93) el

Perfect way to spend the first Saturday of 2017 #Sydney

Una foto publicada por Michelle Jenneke (@mjenneke93) el

Summer has finally arrived! Looking forward to the next few months of chasing salt, sand and smiles 😊 #summer #australia #beach

Una foto publicada por Michelle Jenneke (@mjenneke93) el


And today, on "Pretty, hot girls and their Instagram accounts", Michelle Todaro.

Celebrating @victoriaconnolly_ 😘🎂🎉

Una foto publicada por @michelle.todaro el


Una foto publicada por @michelle.todaro el

Una foto publicada por @michelle.todaro el


Una foto publicada por @michelle.todaro el

Straight off the iPhone

Una foto publicada por @michelle.todaro el

City nights

Una foto publicada por @michelle.todaro el

If your not trying to level up, I'm not ya type then

Una foto publicada por @michelle.todaro el


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