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Published on 2016/03/18


Yesterday it was St. Patrick's Day, an Irish festivity with more impact in the USA than in Ireland. Or at least in the USA they're bolder because there are younger people celebrating it and we already know young people and alcohol are a very unpredictable combination.
Brooke Wylde and Lexi Davis filmed for Mofos a porn scene set in this day, in green as tradition requires and acting naughty... How? Well, going to houses in order to give blowjobs and let the owner fuck them.

As I said, this video belongs to MOFOS, whose best series are probably I know that girl or Real slut party, among others.

It works as the others: for just $1 you can access during 2 days to their member zone and watch all the videos, in this case from their 12 series, and for a monthly suscription of $29 you'll have access to download everything for a full month.
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