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Published on 2018/01/26


(Pulsa en la imagen para verla a mayor tamaño)

The magazine Vanity Fair prepares all years an special with actors from Hollywood and celebrities from TV and in this occasion the photo editors committed a bloomer and actress Reese Witherspoon appears with three legs. Well, Reese has three legs, Oprah Winfrey three hands and Zendaya only one leg.

From the magazine they said it's just an optical effect, but if you zoom it, you can see it's indeed another leg.

This happens because they shoot some celebrities separately and afterwards they put them together by photo edition. It's difficult to have all of them in the same place and in the same moment because they're very busy people, this is understandable, but they shoud pay more attention to details...

About Oprah Winfrey and her three hands, I don't know if it's the original photo or someone edited it...

I'd say it's the second option...

And apparently, in the official picture, actress Zendaya has only one leg.

Here we can see Nicole Kidman being photographed without Reese Witherspoon or Oprah.

Well, and a special mention to pretty Gal Gadot.

And today, on "Pretty girls to whom I'd like to give love from every angle and their Instagram accounts", kyratranstrum.


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