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Published on 2019/06/19

SWAmateurCouple, the amateur couple that a few weeks ago sent us a dedicated photo, they have written me again to tell me that they are participating in a contest where we have to vote for an amateur photo and they have asked us for everyone's collaboration to help them win.

First look at this video that they have dedicated us.

# Click here to watch the video

Basically this is about entering into this link and voting for this photo down below.
The moment you enter, give a second to the web and it will show you the photo.

Vote for her and give them a hand... You do not know them in person but you've seen them fuck, which is more than what you have intimated with a lot more people than the one around you in your environment.

# Click here to vote for their photo

I leave you also link to their pornhub profile so you can see the videos that have been shared up to date and if you wish, subscribe to their channel to receive notifications each time they upload a new one.
# Their channel on Pornhub

Published on 2019/01/28

There are plenty of porn producers selling access to their videos all over the world… I’m sure you know a few, such as Brazzers, Reality Kings, BangBros or Fake Taxi; these are the most popular ones… But there’s another amount of producers that you don’t know, and they offer a diversity of videos by themes, such as castings, incest, revenges, milfs, orgies,…

Rabatte Porn is a company that has done business with the most famous producers to get the best prices and offer very attractive discounts, that sometimes are up to 70%, allowing access to the websites you like the most; you get to watch the content of many, at the price of just one.

Besides that, Rabatte Porn enables you to search producers by categories, like anal sex, big tits, or teenagers, amongst others.

If you want to have access to the original videos in HD quality, and enjoy all of the content of a specific pornographic producer while saving some cash, Rabatte Porn is your best choice.
Click here to watch everything they’ve got for you.


Published on 2018/05/11

This family had the terrible idea of getting out of their car at the Safari Park Beekse Bergen (Netherlands) close to a group of cheetahs in order to stretch their legs and take some pictures. A family with a baby in arms.

# Watch video

And today, on "Pretty, cute girls and their Instagram accounts", vazzzle.

Published on 2017/12/29

I'm not good at this thing of looking back and summarizing the year... I prefer looking forward, but if I have to say something, it's enough saying that we've been around for 14 years and we're still here, so we must be doing something properly, don't we?
I wish you all the best for next year and I hope you keep visiting this website in order to stay up to date with the hot things the Internet has to offer.
See you next year!! Be bad!!

Published on 2017/09/08

The adult film industry has been experiencing for some years, since the arrival of the Internet, a paradox that promotes it and, at the same time, destroys it. On the one hand, hundreds or even thousands of adult film companies have appeared, extending the offer of content and variety to extends never seen before, but then the culture of "everything free" this sector is suffering have provoked much less income for them, even setting day of expiry for many projects. Now recording porn isn't the difficult thing, but monetizing it.
The Internet have changed it all and this industry is one of the most affected... From the way of watching porn to the channels used to access it.

By the way... how many adult film companies are offering content nowadays? There's more porn apart from that produced by the giants like BangBros or RealityKings?? Yes, there is.
x3guide is a "guide" of the main companies out there, classified in different categories and showing their offers. If you wanna stay on top of what porn stuff is being made nowadays, this site's a good reference for porn site reviews.

# Visit

Published on 2016/11/23

I just came across your website and I really like when I find sites as complete and hot like yours. You're gonna be my porn alternative from now on and that's why I decided to send something mine to you. After all, I'm turning on very much lately when I pick my camera and take some photos and videos.
Thanks to you I knew about photographer Fedor Shmidt (I hadn't had any news about him for years). I hope you like my way to thank you...

Oh, and my butt and the photo are part of the tip.

Licks from Andalucia, Spain.

This is what I found in my inbox this morning... After reading the text (well, after watching the videos), a tear fell down my face...

# Watch videos

And today, on "Pretty girls I'd like to hug and their Instagram accounts", a model called Rosie Roff.

@partylikejzl #views 🏙

Una foto publicada por 🌹 🕊 🇬🇧 Rosie Roff (@rosieroff) el

Mr & Mrs Smith 🍴🍷☕️ @partylikejzl

Una foto publicada por 🌹 🕊 🇬🇧 Rosie Roff (@rosieroff) el

🇻🇬 ...... and they say the British only get rain! 🇻🇬⛱🏖🏝 @vineyachts

Una foto publicada por 🌹 🕊 🇬🇧 Rosie Roff (@rosieroff) el

Friday Feelings 🍹 Gibney Beach Villas today @terigibney @tommygibney 🌴 Paradise 🌴 Thank you @vineyachts 🌺

Una foto publicada por 🌹 🕊 🇬🇧 Rosie Roff (@rosieroff) el

Goodnight Kiss 😘

Una foto publicada por 🌹 🕊 🇬🇧 Rosie Roff (@rosieroff) el

Red Sky at Morning ⛅️

Una foto publicada por 🌹 🕊 🇬🇧 Rosie Roff (@rosieroff) el

Monday is the new Sunday 🍷🍷#mondayvibes

Una foto publicada por 🌹 🕊 🇬🇧 Rosie Roff (@rosieroff) el


Rosie Roff has some nude photos on the Internet... I brought these. If you want more, use Google.

Published on 2015/12/31

Year 13 AA (After AlRincon)
We begin a new year. From AlRincon we wanna wish you a Happy New Year and a 2016 full of good things.
We wish you good health and a lot of work. Love's up to you, as money.
We toast with all of you (and Leo too), hoping this year will be much better than 2015. Cya on Monday ;)
Be happy!

PS: BTW, I got some emails asking me about the background image we had last week, I mean this one.
Well, it belongs to the movie "Adèle's Life", aka "Blue Is the Warmest Color".

Published on 2015/11/13

In less than 24 hours I've received 4 emails from Tumblr accounts owners because they were angry and they wanted me to delete the posts I wrote about them... They say they didn't allow me to link their accounts from this website... or that they don't want to appear on a porn site because they don't want to be related with that kind of stuff or people think they do the same things, but the problem is... they do the same things

Porn is produced because people wanna jerk off while watching those videos. The same people want the same when they check out a Tumblr account... they wanna jerk off while viewing these girls' pictures, imaging they're with them or whatever they imagine.

And these girls share their nude photos knowing that... they turn up when guys tell them they're very hot. It's called exhibitionism, babes. Don't show off your body on the Internet if you don't want men to jerk off while checking out your photos. Besides, many of these chicks make a living out of this, getting tips, gifts, money via Paypal...
And there's even more! Those girls use to reblog others' stuff. Porn stuff. Are you seriously telling me you don't want to appear on a porn website when you're reblogging porn stuff on your Tumblr account? Oh, c'mon!

Finally, let me say I always delete a post when the owner of the pictures asks me to. Of course I do. But that doesn't mean I understand it. Because, girls... I DON'T UNDERSTAND YOU!

The sexy touch of this post comes from Selena Gomez wearing no underwear in the street.

Estas son algunas de las webcams que están emitiendo ahora mismo… Puedes interactuar con ellas, hacerles peticiones individuales o en grupo y pedirles shows privados para que chateen sólo contigo.

Published on 2013/11/19

Many of you have asked me to create an entry with the wallpapers I change every week. Well, I finally decided to listen to you.

These are the first I've chosen.

# View wallpapers

Published on 2013/01/23

Two new pictures in our "Show Yourself" section. Boob and dick. Dedicated. With affection and much love (1 + 2).
If you also wanna appear here, you only have to take a photo of yourself and sent it to me. The only requirement: the website name must appear somewhere.

Thanks for sending your photos, people!

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