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Published on 2018/03/13

When you wanna help her throw up and end her discomfort and you find out she hides a quality available to very few girls...

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Introducing booze into the student residence.

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Estas son algunas de las webcams que están emitiendo ahora mismo… Puedes interactuar con ellas, hacerles peticiones individuales o en grupo y pedirles shows privados para que chateen sólo contigo.

Published on 2018/03/07

Did you watch the video I shared yesterday from SrViral?... The one about those virtual reality glasses which had a mobile arm...? I knew it had a lot of possibilities in a sexual level and today... I came across this by chance...

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ExtraBall by cristobal
Ass prank...

Published on 2018/03/01

Thousands of years of evolution, of progress, of knowledge, of development and perfectioning brought us here, to this precise moment when ingenuity's gonna give you a powerful feeling...

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ExtraBall by erkondando
Taking a bath...

Published on 2018/02/21

Spending all day browsing the Internet in search of content, apart from making your mind explode once or twice every week, allows you to better know our world and have a broadder view of it without leaving your home. Between Alrincon and my other site of viral videos I publish roughly a 10% of all the stuff I watch everyday... and I publish a lot of content on both sites.
The video you're gonna watch now is the kind of video I'd usually discard, but I don't know, it has something... The content, the music... I don't know...

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Jennifer Lawrence and her generous cleavage... Fucking "during those days"... And Josephine Skriver, Georgia Fowler and Roosmarijn De Kok posing for a magazine.

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Published on 2018/01/29

Many parents use to boast about knowing their children very well and having a very tight relationship with them, an open and full of complicity relationship... but even if you get along with your offspring, you never 100% know them and they always hide something... qualities you didn't know about, skills you would've never imagined, talents they hadn't shown before in front of you...

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With you to the end of the world...

Published on 2018/01/22

The differences between North Korea and South Korea can be seen simply by observing how their armies behave... How they manage their past and how they face their present and future...

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Exotic Nici Dee... Redhead Helga Grey... And submissive Vika.

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Published on 2018/01/03

Living it, knowing you saw it and that you were there isn't enough... You have to take photos of it, you have to leave a record, but not for you, for the others. The others have to know you lived it and saw it, that you were there.
This week famous youtuber Logan Paul has been news because he filmed a guy who had just committed suicide by hanging himself and published the video... but there are a lot of Logan Pauls...

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And today, on "Pretty, hot girls and their Instagram accounts", Daniella Beckerman.


Published on 2017/12/05

New Zealand's police has published on the Internet a funny video with the intention of recruiting new members, starring real cops... I'm not only feeling like sending a request, I also wanna live there!

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Arachnid sense.

Published on 2017/11/23

There are hundreds of thousands of people complaining about Youtube becoming bullshit, thousands of youtubers copying one to each other and creating content of dubious quality... however, when someone with a creative touch shows up, people ignore them.
Buttered Side Down is a channel which, even though they haven't invented anything because there are others who've used that style before, publish pretty amusing, original videos...

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And today, on "Pretty, busty girls and their Instagram accounts", Devin Brugman.


Published on 2017/11/17

The time when humanity will be enslaved by the machines we created in order to make our lifes easier is approaching. We should've stopped when we invented the windmill to grind grain or at least when we got to the typewriter.
Boston Dynamics has presented Atlas... a "robot" capable of performing backflips. Between this and the robotic dogs that will track our DNA to hunt us down when we try to rebel, we've already lost this war...

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ExtraBall by digao
Camera and... ACTION!!

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