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Published on 2019/05/17

Tune your senses and try to find the 7 differences between these two images. The time you spend will be proportional to the visual acuity you have multiplied by the ability to concentrate and divided by 100.

# Click here to full size the image and find the solution

There's a leak...

Threesome with Julia Ann and Jessica Jaymes... the vicious Kenna James... and two young girls and a grandfather.

Published on 2019/05/10

I do not know about you, but I find one of these games of spotting the 7 differences and it is impossible for me not to try to solve it. It is a kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder that prevents me from forgetting it without first having found all the differences.
I've worked this one out. Let's see if you spot them.

# Click here to full-size the image and see the answers.

When you ask the genie of the lamp to grow the tits of the girl you like even more.

Fucking in the jungle... waking up with Dare Taylor... and sex with two sisters.


Published on 2019/05/03

Leave everything you are doing and pay attention to these two images. Between both of them, there are 7 differences. Let's see how long it takes you to find them. GO!

# Click here to full size the image and find the solution

And in today's "Hotties you'd like to know and their Instagram accounts"... Nina Joséphine.


I'll leave here the photos of a session of Nina, in case you want to see more than what Instagram allows you to see.

Fucking without showing the face... the slip of Suki Waterhouse... and a perfect pair of tits.

Published on 2019/04/17

Today it's been a weak day in terms of content and I thought it would be good to publish one of those "wildcards" that I keep under my sleeve... That's right, a "7 differences"... Get your senses ready and try to spot them in the shortest time possible. The premise is easy, just spot the 7 differences between the image on the left and the image on the right. TIME!

# Click here to full-size the image and find the solution

ExtraBall by walter

Fucking Ashley Rosi... the explosive Justina Valentine... and dick boy with Kitty Love.

Published on 2019/04/16

When you go on vacation with your couple, you might face that everyone wants to do something different, that one wants to rest and the other wants to visit places, one wants to read a book and the other wants to go to bars or do activities and participate in the games... that's why you have to find common activities or meet in between so that both can feel at ease.

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Well, he was not as dumb as we thought ...

The little tasks of Olivia Nice... Lilly Becker's slip... and the birthday gift of Janna Hicks.

Published on 2019/03/21

The city of Krasnoyarsk in Russia has held the first edition of the Slapping Championship, similar to the one hosted in the Sarychev Power Expo (we have talked about it over these last years).
The winner was a guy called Vasily Kamotskiy; every slap he gave meant man down.

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Mammary slaps

A romantic weekend with Nancy… Alessandra Ambrosio playing beach volleyball… and fucking in front of her egg (?)

Published on 2019/03/08

Whenever I find some space on Friday, I like to set up a post of 7 differences… When I was a kid, I would love to play these kinds of games both in the newspaper my dad would buy, or in the magazines my mom bought. It was some kind of OCD I could help, at least until I spotted the 7 differences.
Turn on your sight and try to spot the 7 differences in the left (original) image and the one in the right (which I have modified)

# Click here to full size the image and find the answers

When you think about “I wish I was a chair so you would put your ass on me”… Be careful what you wish for.

Threesome with Gracie May Green and Rosalyn Sphinx… the appetizing Rhonda Biasi… and fucking Purple Bitch and her friend.

Published on 2019/03/05

Yaassi (Yasir Alba) is a Bolivian 20 years old young girl has a Twitch account where she streams gameplays of dancing games…
Some time ago I read about how members of the Twitch community were complaining about the “intrusiveness” of players like Yaassi, who use this online platform to take advantage of their physical attributes to attract users and of course, their money… The angry members of the Twitch community were giving her shit about going to Chaturbate or similar platforms where she would fit better, given that Twitch is mainly for gamer content, not else.
Their complains did not accomplish anything, since Twitch is not able to forbid users like Yaassi from streaming as long as they don’t violate the community policies, but what do you think, is Yaassi and other similar players taking advantage of Twitch, or this is just what it is and you have to suck it up and move on?

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And in today’s “hotties that make you fall in love and their Instagram accounts”… Vanessa Moe.


If you know how to search you can find some pictures of Vanessa Moe with little to no clothes…

Oral sex while sleeping… Chanel Shortcake’s vice… and fucking in the store dressing rooms.

Estas son algunas de las webcams que están emitiendo ahora mismo… Puedes interactuar con ellas, hacerles peticiones individuales o en grupo y pedirles shows privados para que chateen sólo contigo.

Published on 2019/02/20

Visiting a strip club without ever leaving your house. Virtual reality is moving forward at its own pace, without rush but nonstop at the same time. Like other areas, sex is one of the fuels of that particular thrive.
First, it was the porn videos that got imported to virtual reality, where you can move your head 360° and become the main star of the scene… and now it’s the erotic porn games where you can, for instance, visit a strip club to enjoy with girls pole dancing, as well as having private shows there.
VR Paradise is available on Steam (you must have an account to access to it, given that it is rated for adults only), is a strip club where you will feel like an authentic client, without having to leave your house of course. Install the game, pour yourself a glass of whisky, put on the VR googles and enjoy the private show with the girl you like the most.

# Watch screenshot and video

And in today’s “appetizing hotties and their Instagram accounts”… Karylle.


Shaved pussy… her first porn video… And in the studio with Iga.

Published on 2019/02/01

Stop whatever you’re doing and beware of these two pictures. There are 7 differences between them. Let’s see how much it takes you to spot them.

# Click here to full-size the image and find the solution

Holy moly! This youth nowadays.

Craving for sex… Setting up your show through the webcam… And fucking Anissa Kate.

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