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Published on 2017/03/30

Among all the Tumblr accounts I have prepared to be published, I wanna share with you these two which have something in common: both of them publish a lot of GIF's. It looks like they, like me, love these smalls doses of attraction. A round of applause for Steve Wilhite, thanks to him the Internet is full of animated GIF's.

Bunni_Princess, from Australia, is new in this showing-off thing. She started this year, but her account looks very promising. She's the kind of girl who do things in the right way. It doesn't mean she's gonna be famous, but you don't need to be famous in order to make a living out of the Internet... You just need your public.

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Miss Loftus, from England, has more experience in this... She also controls the GIF art very well and she shares a good compilation of animated images and selfies... She likes playing with the camera, the lingerie and dressing up from time to time...

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ExtraBall by bahram
When I say so, shout at the microphone, ok?... Let's go... 1, 2... 3!!

Estas son algunas de las webcams que están emitiendo ahora mismo… Puedes interactuar con ellas, hacerles peticiones individuales o en grupo y pedirles shows privados para que chateen sólo contigo.

Published on 2016/11/22

Yesterday I received via Telegram a link to a page full of lesbian GIF's... A very good and awesome page! Kisses, caresses, licks, love and rubbing between women non-stop...
I saved some in my server, not all of them, mainly because there are 100 GIF's and that means a fucking lot of megabytes... but don't worry because I'm linking to that page too.

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Collection of good butts... Dillion Harper fucking in a resort... and getting to know Jennifer L.

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Published on 2016/04/12

The next Tumblr account belongs to a young couple who decided to start filming porn... however, either they don't know very well what filming porn means or they broke up because they were sharing stuff for only 4 months... It's a pity, my friends...

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Meeting Melissa Debling... Jackie Wood for Exotic4K... and paying a visit to FakeHospital for a routine checkup.

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Published on 2016/01/25

Ozark, Silveralpha
Last Friday we saw some really good animated gifs showing a busty chick. Thanks to your help, we could find out where did they come from.
The origin is in a Tumblr account, wifestache, owned by a couple who published pictures and gif images for some time. It's still active, but sadly they deleted all the content.
Ozark and Silveralpha contributed with some pages to see part of the lost stuff...

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Si usas Android o Windows, puedes seguirnos por nuestro CANAL de TELEGRAM. El enlace de INVITACION es este:

En el CANAL encontrarás las actualizaciones de la web más contenido procedente de nuestro GRUPO de TELEGRAM

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En el GRUPO además de usuarios de Android y Windows también podéis entrar los que uséis dispositivos de Apple.

Published on 2015/12/22

She likes underwear, wigs, costumes... but mainly showing off her naked body, having sex and playing with the camera.

She puts all of that together into animated GIFs and publishes them on Tumblr.

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Nicki Minaj's camel toe.

Babe thanks but I think I need a bigger size 🤔🕵😩😜

Una foto publicada por Nicki Minaj (@nickiminaj) el

Published on 2015/06/18

I stumbled across a GTA5 gif I was going to publish on the ExtraBall section, but I asked myself "what if there are enough gifs as to create an entry?", so I began my search and, after a while of saving some and dismissing most of them, I realized I had already found 22. I hope you find them amusing and funny!

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Published on 2015/05/22

As I said yesterday, this is the second round of animated GIFs about the doggy style. I'm probably posting more stuff like this in the future, but now I need a rest... yesterday I had an overdose!

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Published on 2015/05/21

It's been a while since I last published a compilation of animated GIFs... If my search engine isn't wrong, that was one year ago. So today I feel like creating a new one. About what? Doggy style! I love doggy style, it's my favorite pose.
I was so excited about this that I found too many images, so I'm doing a post today and another one tomorrow...

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Published on 2015/04/20

I suppose it's a matter of technique. You can also use your strength, but you'd probably end throwing up!
I came across a page with 4 o 5 GIFs of women swallowing dildos and I tried searching for more images because I wanted to create an entry about that. And I found more than enough stuff!

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Published on 2015/03/17

Due to an animated gif I came across, I decided to create a new entry of titfucks, a compilation of the best GIFs I found during my search.
For some reason, the women who've been in my life don't have big boobs... I don't know if it's a divine punishment or what... Perhaps in another life I had a busty Norman wife and now it's time to keep the balance... So, when I see this stuff, I feel something is missing in my life...

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