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Published on 2012/06/20

I don't know who's behind the account "Vin" in Vimeo. I've found a whorehouse and a celebrations photographer. I gave up searching. The important thing here is that "Vin" has uploaded really good videos, which you should watch. They're quite slow, but the girls are really hot chicks.

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Published on 2012/06/20

The people of heaven666 have noticed our games of the seven differences. In fact, I visit maaany websites everyday and I've seen our games published in several sites. Some link to us, some not, some post them as if it'd be them who've made the games.

I think I should return to them the visits I've received from their site, but also because there's a reason. The next video. I've really enjoyed it.

Some years ago I published a videofake of celebrities. In the video appeared (not very well-done) some celebrities being fucked or masturbating.

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Do you know who has carried the Olympic torch while on a zip wire?? Bear Grylls.

Published on 2012/06/20
FEMEN (.)(.) – SWEDISH º0

Swedish fans got to meet the Femen movement. I remind you that Femen is against the Euro 2012 and they protest for the corruption and the enrichment of a few people due to this championship. They also protest against the misappropriation of funds and the foment of the prostitution and sex tourism.

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Published on 2012/06/20

We could say that Norwegian Petter Hegre (1969) was one of the photographers who understood the possibilities of the Internet back in 2002, founding Hegre-Archives and changing the name in 2005 to Hegre-Art.

Petter decided to rely on the Internet to monetize his work taking photos to naked girls, creating one of the first pay-per-view adult websites.

Petter Hegre was the one who made Luba (his wife) and Marketa famous on the net.

His project arrives to its 10th birthday and he's uploaded a video showing one of his travels to Tokyo.

8 days summarized in a bit more than 20 minutes. You can watch part of the process they make until they upload the photos and the videos to their website. First day: castings. And after, photos and more photos to naked Japanese girls.

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Published on 2012/06/20

Have you fallen in love today? No?? Not yet? Then, you should know that Nona rules. A nice girl.

Nona was filmed for this video by the photographer Nathen Atia

Published on 2012/06/20

Let's relax a bit the neck and the shoulders, c'mon, Leonor Watlink will help us.

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Published on 2012/06/20

When the flower falls to the river and the nest shuts up, before the breeze tousle your hair and the elder's lament fuel the hot coal, the light will lead your efforts to the place where you'll find the fruit...

We've asked to an elderly Chinese man if there's a secret to solve the 7 differences game in less than a minute, but we finally left... and he stayed there, alone and talking...

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Published on 2012/06/20







Published on 2012/06/19

In painting, we talk about Dead Nature when we paint inanimate objects: fruits, stones, leaves, man-made tools.
In photography I don't if it's called the same, but Salvatore Vitale has decided to use this name for this project.

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Published on 2012/06/19

Someone had a really good idea and created a Twitter account with the name @Euro2012Girls1 and upload photos of beautiful girls during the Euro 2012.

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