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Published on 2012/04/26

Born in Alexandria in 1978, Edoardo Pasero moved to Milan to study philosophy. The photography accompanied him as a hobby until he opted for it as a professional activity.

According to what I've read, he's currently focused on issues such as human body, sexual identity, gender and body modifications.
On his website he shows only 5 personal works. I bring you the pictures taken through his lens in Misex, a porn show that has taken place in Milan from 1994, with an influx of over 900,000 people.

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Published on 2012/04/26

It would be great to propose our girlfriend/wife to make a time-lapse on this way, wouldn't it? It could last, I don't know, 25 years. One photo everyday.
It's only to make some fun and be able to see it within one century-quarter and see how have we changed

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Published on 2012/04/26

Prostitution as we understand it now has its days numbered... well, years. 2050 is the date on which some experts think prostitutes will be replaced by robots programmed to provide sexual pleasure in exchange of money.
This measure wouldn't only eradicate the trafficking of women but it also would prevent diseases and infections.

This idea may seem a bit crazy, but considering how technology advances, don't put your hand in the fire lest you burn it.
- I would never change a woman for a robot - Maybe you don't. In fact, by 2050 maybe you won't be able to change your underwear by yourself. But what about future generations? With the freedom sex is lived in this century, the loneliness of people because of social networks ...

Don't be surprised if within 40 years, a 25 year old guy thinks it's perfectly fine to fuck a robot which looks like Angelina Jolie while it's yelling "please fuck my ass".

NMATV people, those who make videos of Sims-style events, has recreated these news.
Don't miss the video.

You know they say that plastic isn't biodegradable? That it's not destroyed and it tends to cluster in small groups or colonies to plot revenge plans against us ... ¿? ¿? ... Plastic bags, condoms, bandages and even compresses*...
If you don't believe it, watch this vid.

*That's Pyrosomes, a curiosity hidden in the oceans.

Published on 2012/04/26

To each his own, and Dani Olivier, born in París in 1969, enjoys taking photos of naked women while a projection "bathes" their bodies.

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Published on 2012/04/26

Vintage photos are pretty boring and cold, mainly because the photographed person is unknown. So the Marvellini brothers decided to give them a slight touch in order to turn them into a closer material: superhero masks, latex and different culture icons from 80's and 90's.

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Published on 2012/04/26

Nicolas Guérin resides near Paris, he likes cinema and loves photography.
He owns a studio in Montreuil, and when he isn't taking pictures of celebrities in or Berlin, he's in his study with his polaroid photographing young and naked girls.
He has worked for fashion magazines such as Esquire and GQ and created campaigns for Rolex or Parrot.

The original idea was to publish the first photos you'll view. It's a work done for Khube Mag in a bondage way (I don't know who the model is)...

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Published on 2012/04/26

Don't be satisfied with 6. You know there're 7. I reassure you there're 7. Don't give up and find the last one... yes, you can!

Click here for the solution

Nota1: En los comentarios de “Behati Prinsloo. Riesgos laborales”, ILoveLesbians ha incluido una imagen en la que se le pueden ver mejor las tetas a la modelos de VS. Clic aquí.

Nota2: Ayer, en la entrada de “Neón”, en la que salía la tetona de Bianca vestida de látex, ..Ovi.. lanzó el reto de vestirla de amarillo y teñirla de rubia. Odrade lo aceptó. Clic aquí para verla.

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Published on 2012/04/26







Published on 2012/04/25

It's been several days since I published a Girls-Mix. The reasons are several, but I don't want to list them and I think you neither wanna listen them, and more knowing that after the link you'll access to such a great selection of photos. All yours!

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Published on 2012/04/25

Put tonight Bianca's gif in your smartphone screen and you'll sleep as if a neon was lighting your room through the window. As it happens in movies.

(You also have bigger images, in case you want them)

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