Published on 2016/03/15

Once upon a time, Disney was the master of anything involving princesses. Then, Tumblr arrived and everything changed.
The princesses of this new millennium don't love in big castle, nor dream about a charming prince. Nowadays, they're just horny chicks. Exhibitionist, submissive, pervert chicks. Two examples below...

bitemark-princesss hasn't got a lot of photos, but she signed up on Tumblr not very long ago. We'll have to revisit her account next year and check whether she went on showing off or not.

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princess-kip hasn't got a lot of photos either, but she started only 6 months ago. Besides, the quality is more important than quantity and princess-kip has shared some very cool photos.

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Published on 2016/03/15

A few days after Kim Kardashian published her naked selfie, Australian artist Lozano Sux drawed on a wall in Melbourne a mural in honor of the famous Queen of Instagram. Less than 48 hours later, someone wrote "SLUT" on it... bastards!

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... and more stuff...

(1) The price of fame: Cristiano Ronaldo (2) Pepper spray (3) True love (4) The perfect flight (5) PSV Eindhoven supporters. Deplorable images taken in Madrid (6) The last movie by Tim Burton: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

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Collection of selfies so you can see not only men think all the time in sex... In-love girl caughts her mother giving a blowjob to her boyfriend... and Kiara Lord fucking her masseur.

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Published on 2016/03/15





Published on 2016/03/15

There's no watermelon capable of resisting Kortney Olson (notice it's a video)...

This one tried to defeat me. Had to go at it three times. Moral of this little roadside-warrior story? DONT FUCKIN QUIT AT THE FIRST HURDLE! #VAGUP !!! Just because someone tells you "no", go ask someone else. Just because some stone-age bag of dicks wants to talk shit because he's insecure, block him. Just because it's not 'lady-like', do it! Harden the fuck up baby! YOU GOT THIS! And to all of my young blood grrrlfriends, remember you don't have to emulate everything I do. Some say the F💣 is not attractive. We use it for emphasis and where appropriate 😉 Just listen to your grandparents at the end of the day! AND YES WE ATE THE MELON 🍉 See you in LA 🙋🏻 #legs #likeAgrrrl #watermelonthighsqueeze #watermelonGRRRL #strength #power #fuckstereotypes

Un vídeo publicado por Kortney Olson (@kortney_olson) el

I can imagine, in case the watermelon had a face, how it would go from surprise and satisfaction to fear and panic.

My question is: Is she capable of crushing a person's head? What a fatality would it be!

I find this gif very funny

As you must've observed, Kortney's a professional bodybuilder and she shares on Instagram and Twitter the photos of the result of spending hours and hours in the gym.

Que miedo de mujer por Dios!!

St. Patrick and the glass of the showcases...

Published on 2016/03/15





Published on 2016/03/15

Youtuber HoomanTv is back once again with the shampoo and shower prank. It's all about putting shampoo on the victim's head while s/he's taking a shower in the beach and making him/her think the fam never ends.
It's just me or these videos look like they were prepared? The reactions doesn't seem very natural, do they?

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Gigi Hadid's pokies at New York Fashion Week... Alison Tyler and her soaked pussy... and Teya Kaye showing everything off on PlayBoy when it was cool.

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Published on 2016/03/15

Lucie Wilde, aka Busty Buffy, is a young porn star born in 1996 in Prague, Czech Republic.
Only three weeks after turning 18, Lucie was already posing naked for DDF Busty and next month we could see her in her first hardcore video for adult film studio Mike Angelo. It's been 18 years since then and she hasn't stopped working. All studios wanna work with her because her scenes are among the most searched for and downloaded... As the ones included on this post...

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Published on 2016/03/15

Looks like Donald Trump arises admiration and hate in equal parts.
At a Trump for president rally in Dayton, Ohio, a protester jumped the security fence and tried to climb the stage. The secret service had to step in.
Have you seen Trump's reaction? Is he scared or does he wanna hit the protester?

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And next, on "Pretty and delicious girls and their Instagram accounts", Jessica Lover.

Showing the hot tub some loving after a hard day on the slopes! #Aspen #loveithere #beautiful #booty #montceswim #humpday

Una foto publicada por Jessica (@msjessica_jones) el

First look of today's shoot at the #bunnyhouse here in #Mexico 🐰❤️ #pjs #pigtails and #playmates

Una foto publicada por Jessica (@msjessica_jones) el

Just love me a good bikini and sunset 😍👙🌴☀️ #Miami #bikini #2016

Una foto publicada por Jessica (@msjessica_jones) el

First look of tonight's 💣 shoot with @ericlarokk stay tuned for the new hotness ! Omg ☺️ Hair/ Mua : @maycaceres

Una foto publicada por Jessica (@msjessica_jones) el

Published on 2016/03/15

Tastefultease account is managed by a young couple who shares their photos with the only intention of showing off and showing people how much do they have fun... and in his case, how hot his girlfriend is and the great boobs she has.

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Published on 2016/03/15

I've heard that news and shows presenters have a wardrobe full of clothes at their disposal. I don't know whether it's the channel who chooses the clothes or the presenters themselves. Anyway, I think someone should've told this woman the blouse she was wearing wasn't appropriate.

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Nina North and her perfect boobs... Compilation of booties deserving a good pinch... and muscled and attractive Maria Tskirija.

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Categories: Videos, WTF / Tags: , , , , , wtf, , Nina North, , Maria Tskirija

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