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Published on 2018/03/14

After having sex, when he goes down the stairs, he'll have the wrong feeling of having fucked his neighbor... and I say wrong because it wasn't him who fucked the neighbor, if was the neighbor who let him fuck her.

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ExtraBall by jluis
This is probably the first time that Alexis Ren lets us see her nipple so well.


Estas son algunas de las webcams que están emitiendo ahora mismo… Puedes interactuar con ellas, hacerles peticiones individuales o en grupo y pedirles shows privados para que chateen sólo contigo.

Published on 2017/12/19

Days 16, 17, 18 and 19 of December... Stella Maxwell, Alexis Ren, Bella Hadid and Kate Upton for Love Mag's 2017 Advent...

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And now, on "Pretty, hot girls and their Instagram accounts", Yana Yankovich.


Published on 2017/11/15

I think it's time that Alexis Ren shows her tits. Not for me. I'm not saying this because I wanna see them... I say it because she should do it for her, for her career and her fame. Yes, she's doing well, I won't deny that, many girls would like to work as much as her, in fact next year she's gonna appear in Sports Illustrated, but I'm not talking about work, but fame... and that fame could multiply her income by 10... And well, yes, I wanna get to see her tits too!

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Every day the blackboard was written everywhere... EVERY DAY!

Published on 2017/10/17

The origin of Alexis Ren as an Instagram celebrity lies in 2014 when she started a relationship with Jay Alvarrez, an adventurer who became famous thanks to his exotic trips around the world... They were chosen as the most beautiful couple on Instagram, but they broke up last year and followed different ways... Since then, Alexis Ren has been getting more and more followers (now she has more than 10 million). As expected, a lot of agencies, brands and agents have been paying attention to her during these years and thanks to that fame, Alexis has worked as a model and promoting products and services... One of her last works was for Sports Illustrated and their famous Swimsuit...

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ExtraBall by cristobal
Stroking tits...

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Published on 2017/05/18

Some people say desserts come from the Roman Empire because a sweet dish was usually served between salty dishes and the meal ended with another sweet dish, mainly fruit and bread with honey... Others say that doctors in the 17th century started talking badly about sugar, so sweet food was pushed to the end of the meal... Others say the Greek were the first eating desserts, 700 years b.c... Who knows?

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If you aren't getting hungry with this post, between the video and the photos... you aren't a person.

The girl in the photos is Alexis Ren, the instagramer.

Published on 2017/05/12

Success doesn't always come linked to talent... I agree you have to be good at something in order to have some success on it, but being in the right moment in the right place is very important. Or being one of the first. Others may come later and do it better than you, but since you were the first...
Alexis Ren's a good example of this... I'm not saying she doesn't do a good job or that she isn't hot, but there are a lot of girls hotter than her who won't have any success.
And where does Alexis' success come from? It comes from having had a relationship with Jay Alvarrez, a guy who loves extreme sports. They used to publish videos of "perfect vacations".
The couple became famous on the Internet and that caltapulted Alexis. It doesn't mean she doesn't deserve it. She was able to surf the wave. As I said, you have to be good at something, but some other facts are very important in order to get any success.
Alexis Ren has almost 9 million followers on Instagram, so she can earn a living out of it.
Here you have some of the videos she's shared and some extremely sexy photos.

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Getting to know Savannah... Joanna Krupa's tits... and a naive Sophia.

Click on the images to view the content.

Published on 2017/03/10

Some minutes ago I linked to some photos of Amanda Cerny posing for Playboy... Amanda Cerny became famous thanks to her collaboration with several youtubers. They need a pretty girl for their videos and Amanda was a perfect choice: she's attractive, she's funny and she's willing to do any kind of stupid things...
Since she got millions of followers on her Instagram account, she decided to create her own Youtube channel.
On the other hand, Jay Alvarrez is another youtuber, influencer and instagramer with millions of followers... You'll remember Jay Alvarrez for those travel and holidays videos along with her ex-girlfriend Alexis Ren, a chick who's super hot...
Well, Amanda and Jay decided to work together and the result is this funny parody video.

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And now, on "Pretty girls and their Instagram accounts", Solci Perez, a weatherwoman from Argentina.

Cuando pasas por @kayu_campana428 y pasan estás cosas 🙈😍❤

Una publicación compartida de Solci Perez #lachicadelclima (@lasobrideperez) el

@delgattogorras 😜

Una publicación compartida de Solci Perez #lachicadelclima (@lasobrideperez) el

Por fin pude estrenar mi inflable Kany de mdq @pcboxargentina ☀️🌊 #lachicadelclima #domingo #pileta #tycsports

Una publicación compartida de Solci Perez #lachicadelclima (@lasobrideperez) el

@notodopasaok por @tycsports ⚽️⚽️! Gracias @lovethis_moda por el look de hoy Vestuarista @f.fgunther #notodopasa #tycsports #tycsports #jueves #look #futbol

Una publicación compartida de Solci Perez #lachicadelclima (@lasobrideperez) el

Verano 😍😍 Bikini @rincondemoda_showroom by @pametropia gracias @tgpublicidades

Una publicación compartida de Solci Perez #lachicadelclima (@lasobrideperez) el


Published on 2017/03/09

A cop from Brooklyn stops a vehicle, just a routine control. Well, it turns out the driver was in search and seizure... When he realizes he's going to be arrested, he tries to run away by car. The brute moment comes when the policeman tries to stop the vehicle with his feet. Of course, he realizes he isn't able to brake the car like that...

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I love you, Alexis Ren. In case you don't remember her, Alexis Ren is that girl who appeared in paradisiacal videos travelling the world along with a blonde guy with curly hair... Well, it turns out this couple broke, so I decided to proclaim my love for her. Straight to her heart.
These are the last photos Alexis has shared on her Instagram account. Who wouldn't fall in love with you?

made me think of you

Una publicación compartida de ALEXIS REN (@alexisren) el

this morning

Una publicación compartida de ALEXIS REN (@alexisren) el

Que pensarás - Y de cara?... Pues tiene que salir carísima, seguro... pero guapa... Cara pero guapa.

london with @lorealhair #colorista

Una publicación compartida de ALEXIS REN (@alexisren) el


Published on 2016/12/14

RCh, walter:
One of the reasons behind my decision of starting the days with videos of women masturbating is that I want them to realize that touching themselves isn't bad... We guys know it, but many girls still accuse us of being perverts because we're thinking about sex all the day... Well, it turns out women do the same than us. They masturbate and have orgasms alone in their homes too...

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Lottie Moss, Kate Moss' sister, and her nipples... Sexy model Alexis Ren... and Roxanna goes outside without panties.

Click on the images to view the content.

Published on 2016/08/18

Alexis Ren's Jay Alvarrez's girlfriend, that couple who from time to time publish videos showing how much fun do they have on their vacation...
Bianca & Allana Booth sisters, on the other hand, are two young models who're working hard in order to have a good professional future...

All of them have been posing for a photographer in a paradisiac place and their Instagram accounts are being envied these days by everybody, both men and women.
It's supposed to be professional photos, I mean, they're working, but... 8 hours in an office Vs. 8 hours in such places? Where do I have to sign?

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Actress and model Lela Loren posing naked... Aidra Fox jerking off... anc beach day with Kendall Jenner.

Click on the images to view the content.

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