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Published on 2017/03/10

Some minutes ago I linked to some photos of Amanda Cerny posing for Playboy... Amanda Cerny became famous thanks to her collaboration with several youtubers. They need a pretty girl for their videos and Amanda was a perfect choice: she's attractive, she's funny and she's willing to do any kind of stupid things...
Since she got millions of followers on her Instagram account, she decided to create her own Youtube channel.
On the other hand, Jay Alvarrez is another youtuber, influencer and instagramer with millions of followers... You'll remember Jay Alvarrez for those travel and holidays videos along with her ex-girlfriend Alexis Ren, a chick who's super hot...
Well, Amanda and Jay decided to work together and the result is this funny parody video.

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And now, on "Pretty girls and their Instagram accounts", Solci Perez, a weatherwoman from Argentina.

Cuando pasas por @kayu_campana428 y pasan estás cosas 🙈😍❤

Una publicación compartida de Solci Perez #lachicadelclima (@lasobrideperez) el

@delgattogorras 😜

Una publicación compartida de Solci Perez #lachicadelclima (@lasobrideperez) el

Por fin pude estrenar mi inflable Kany de mdq @pcboxargentina ☀️🌊 #lachicadelclima #domingo #pileta #tycsports

Una publicación compartida de Solci Perez #lachicadelclima (@lasobrideperez) el

@notodopasaok por @tycsports ⚽️⚽️! Gracias @lovethis_moda por el look de hoy Vestuarista @f.fgunther #notodopasa #tycsports #tycsports #jueves #look #futbol

Una publicación compartida de Solci Perez #lachicadelclima (@lasobrideperez) el

Verano 😍😍 Bikini @rincondemoda_showroom by @pametropia gracias @tgpublicidades

Una publicación compartida de Solci Perez #lachicadelclima (@lasobrideperez) el


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Published on 2016/09/09

As if he'd been months without taking a bite, this tourist pounced on a Thai woman's pussy during the celebration of the Songkran, the Budhist New Year. He only missed a bib...
In fact they had to separate him with a blast of water like a dog and so drive him away...

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Valya C., a beautiful creature of the forest... Compilation of selfies... and actress and model Amanda Cerny posing naked.

Click on the images to view the content.

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