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Published on 2017/02/15

Don't you get pissed off when you're watching something on the TV, something interesting, something as important as a speech of the new President of the United States... and there's someone standing or walking in front of you, cleaning or doing who knows what and not noticing you're there trying to hear what it's being said?

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Playboy's going to show nudes again... Winona Ryder goes crazy... and model Karlie Kloss' pokies.

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Published on 2017/02/08

Fouronzas, walter:
There's a behavior known as "affectionate aggression". You may have felt very times the need of hugging your son, your couple or an animal very strong... It doesn't mean you wanna hurt them, of course. Science's explained why we want to squeeze cute things to death.
Well, sex is similar... We may have so much sexual arousal inside ourselves that we feel like spanking, pinching, kissing with intensity or hugging very strong is a way to soothe that accumulated tension.

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An attractive Romi Rain... Fake of Ariana Grande... and Playboy compilation.

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Published on 2017/02/07

One's focused on the sandwiches, the other on the camera... motivations and priorities are like an identity card, personal and untransferable...

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Collection of good butts... Lana Kendrick is Pink Panther... and Katy, mischiefs in the street.

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Published on 2017/02/07

The other day I introduced you the eighty83three, a group of Aussie girls who make videos and viralize them on social networks... One of their most recent videos is a compilation of pranks they play one on each other, entering a spiral of vengeance and retaliation...

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And today, on "Pretty girls and their Instagram accounts", Nina Riapalova.

@l.a.krasnodar 💟🛍👙

Una foto publicada por ninelkayy (@ninelkayy) el

Добралась до басика😀🙌🏻💦 #иксфитюбилейный#xfitumr

Una foto publicada por ninelkayy (@ninelkayy) el


Una foto publicada por ninelkayy (@ninelkayy) el


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Published on 2017/02/06

This is the kind of situation that would shock you if you were to witness it... If watching the video's already shocking, imagine if you're walking by the street and you come across a burning guy who doesn't care about it... I only missed he walking a dog and crouching to pick a poop up.

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Emily Ratajkowski's booty photographed with an iPad

Superbowl Sunday! 🏈Who's ready?

Una foto publicada por Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) el

Published on 2017/02/03

Britney Spears' accidentally flahed her tit to fans while singing "Work Bitch" at Planet Hollywood's AXIS theater in Las Vegas.
Some fans tried to warn her, but she didn't notice... until one of the dancers could tell her what was going on... Fuck him!

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ExtraBall by jluis
Flan movement.

Published on 2017/02/01

A new compilation of videos of hotties coming from our Telegram channel...

Follow our channel, updated daily with the best erotic, sexy and porn stuff:

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ExtraBall by Aluciflipo
Asshole deflowering and, even worse, at the beginning of the party...

Published on 2017/01/13

Is this a hint inviting me to go into her home with her?... I'm very bad understanding these hidden messages... You should speak out, otherwise I may not catch your message...

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And today, on "Pretty, healthy girls and their Instagram accounts", Valentina Lequeux.

Before leaving the phone down and start celebrating new years eve let's make the last post of 2016 this year has been very difficult and full of surprises a lot of ups and downs. Also brought me amazing people who helped us in our careers and in many other ways and I can say I'll be starting 2017 stronger, wiser and with an even more clear vision of what I want for my life and for my goals. To you following me I'm truly thankful for your support and love. This year coming is full of projects to get closer to you and I'll be able to motivate more of you with more time and resources. Special thanks to this power couple for supporting me since our first shoot and believing in me 📸@ohrangutang/ @ohrangutangtv GLAM: @cristinapilo

Una foto publicada por Valentina Lequeux (@valentinalequeux) el

When all the calories go to the right place @femalesphysiques

Una foto publicada por Valentina Lequeux (@valentinalequeux) el


Published on 2017/01/12

The force of the wind is nothing compared to the force of a SUV.

And today, on Sr Viral...

(1) Titanic, by Carlos Baute (2) Oh! Surprise, mother fucker! (3) The magic picture (4) Aerobics contest 1988 (5) Who am I? Huh? Who am I? (6) When the prank becomes an achievement.

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Anabella in the boss' office... A pretty Kagney Linn Karter... and Xo Gisele, a landmark on the Internet.

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Published on 2017/01/12

higuer, silver, danibepo, jl, walter:
You were expecting the next "Hotties" post, weren't you? Yes, you, who don't follow our channel on Telegram yet. Wouldn't it better to follow it? You'd get these great videos directly in your cell phone or tablet. Besides, I only publish here a small selection of all the stuff we publish on Telegram...

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How to make a man come into the kitchen...

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