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Published on 2017/05/22

We talk about Emily Ratajkowski's tits very much, but we can't forget this 25-year-old English chick is hot from every angle. Some paparazzis photographed her in the company of a friend, one of the most envied men in the world right now, while they were enjoying a stay at Hotel du Cap, in Cannes.

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"Women are as strong as men!! Look at me!"

Published on 2017/02/17

I don't use to watch lesbian videos in order to find that extra point of arousal, but I have to admit I found this one really stimulating...

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Jessica Biel naked in "Powder Blue"... Sport and exhibitionism with Demi... and Bella Hadid goes topless for V Mag.

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Puedes interactuar con ellas, hacerles peticiones o pedirles shows privados para que emitan solo para ti.

Estas son algunas de las webcams que están emitiendo ahora mismo…

Published on 2016/12/20

Millionaire Dan Bilzerian's got a Youtube channel with very little success compared to his Instagram account, which has more than 20 million followers, where he shares videos of his trips, parties and his general day to day... The kind of lives we'd envy if it wasn't because we value more other things, like love, sincerity, true and disinterested affection... don't you agree? Poor Bilzerian, he's the one who envies us!

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Bella Hadid spent some relax days along with Emily Ratajkowski in a paradisiac place... If only it has only them and me and fuck you all.

Bye bye LA❤️☀️🙏🏼short n sweet

Una foto publicada por Bella Hadid (@bellahadid) el


Una foto publicada por Bella Hadid (@bellahadid) el


Una foto publicada por Bella Hadid (@bellahadid) el

by @hoskelsa 💙

Una foto publicada por Bella Hadid (@bellahadid) el

Una foto publicada por Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) el

Bahama mama

Una foto publicada por Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) el

Bella the ripper ❤️

Una foto publicada por Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) el


Una foto publicada por Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) el

Published on 2016/12/09

You get too excited because you scored and...

And today, on Sr Viral...

(1) Your new surveillance camera (2) Worst match point ever (3) The creatures of Rogue One: A Star Wars story (4) "Baywatch" remake (5) BBK for tough guys (6) Spiderman Homecoming

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Roxanna showing her pussy in the street... Bella Hadid goes topless for Paper... and a pretty Viola Bailey.

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Published on 2016/12/07

Advent is the period when one prepars for Christ's arrival (His birth). It lasts between 22 and 28 days, depending on the year, because it needs 4 Sundays and it starts on December, 1.
Love magazine has used this religious concept for some years to publish some videos starring different sexy models, actresses or singers...
This year the directors chosen have made a pretty good job (I can't say the same about previous years' directors).
By the moment they've published 6... I suppose today they're gonna publish the 7th. The celebrities who've appeared are Irina Shayk, Bella Hadid, Rita Ora, Kendall Jenner, Ireland Baldwin and Stella Maxwell.
Find their videos and some recent photos from their Instagram accounts inside the post.

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ExtraBall by M.A.

Published on 2016/10/13

A fireman falls from a height of 9 meters after performing a rescue by helicopter in Hawaii.
The basket that contained both the fireman and an injured hiker hits an electric pole and the rescuer falls into the void. Good for the helicopter pilot!

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And today, on "(Very) pretty girls and their Instagram accounts", Gemma Lee Farrell.

The night is young 😜😏 just kidding I'm going to bed goodnight

Una foto publicada por GEMMΔ LEE ➳ FΔRRELL (@gemmaleefarrell) el

So thankful to be supporting such an amazing cause tonight 🙏🏼 #HOPEFORACURE #ALLINFORACURE Glam @ruemendez Hair @michaelhanzfashion Dress @_misscircle_

Una foto publicada por GEMMΔ LEE ➳ FΔRRELL (@gemmaleefarrell) el

Look back at it 😜 @tobiiswim

Una foto publicada por GEMMΔ LEE ➳ FΔRRELL (@gemmaleefarrell) el

So fresh so clean 🐯 new snap account - gemmaleefarreal

Una foto publicada por GEMMΔ LEE ➳ FΔRRELL (@gemmaleefarrell) el

🐶🐶 wearing @just_enaj and @yerobrown

Una foto publicada por GEMMΔ LEE ➳ FΔRRELL (@gemmaleefarrell) el

Home sweet home 🎂 @tobiiswim

Una foto publicada por GEMMΔ LEE ➳ FΔRRELL (@gemmaleefarrell) el

Quack quack 🐧🐦🐤

Una foto publicada por GEMMΔ LEE ➳ FΔRRELL (@gemmaleefarrell) el


Published on 2016/09/16

How to make a dramatic entrance...

And today, on Sr Viral...

(1) How are those new AirPods going? (2) Too much self-confidence after some jumps (3) An unforgettable match (4) Conor McGregor in the new Call of Duty (5) Subwaydoodle's drawings (6) Beatbox nerd

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Busty September Carrino... Bella Hadid at the Fashion week... and Emily Senko posing.

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Published on 2016/08/19

The truth is I haven't been following the Olympic Games this year, so when I was told this morning that three Estonian female triplets ran the marathon I was quite surprised.

Leila, Liina and Lily Luik are three 30 year-old sisters who participated in the same race, Rio 2016's female marathon.
They look like droids!!

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Bella Hadid's really looking forward to stop being Gigi Hadid's sister. I don't mean to say a bad relationship, it's just that Gigi Hadid succeeded before, even working as a Victoria's Secret angel...

(This is Gigi the day she was told she was going to be an angel)

... and Bella's been in her shadow until she started to shine by her own light, generating good photos in different events... and now her moment came: Bella posed naked for Vogue France.

And you... which sister do you prefer?

Una foto publicada por Bella Hadid (@bellahadid) el

throwback 📽📽

Una foto publicada por Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) el

Published on 2016/06/07

For a long time, menstrual pads commercials looked like they pretended to ridicule women, but this wasn't the oppinion of men only, many women thought the same... Now it's men's turn, at least that's what seems after watching this commercial made by Old Spice, a deodorant and shower gel company.
I suppose they aimed at a young public. I liked it. A round of applause for the people in charge of marketing.

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Double penetration for Abella Danger... Bella Hadid's pokies... and a good collection of butts.

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Published on 2016/05/20

What I like the most in the world is tits... Neither butts nor feet, lips, hands or eyes... Tits are enough for me... but that doesn't mean I don't feel things in the inside when I see a good ass.
The owner of the next Tumblr account is very proud of her butt. She likes it. So much that she feels the necessity of sharing it. Not in person, otherwise it'd suffer too much, but in photos.

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English model Ashley Emma... Stacey Robyn, dyed blonde... and more photos of Bella Hadid's bold dress.

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