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Published on 2017/05/17

A BBC reporter, forced to push away a girl who, grabbing her tit, wanted to screw up the interview he was doing...

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Katy Perry and friends...

I just received an email from a girl asking me to delete a video I had published. In that video, she appeared fucking in a public toilet. Ok, I deleted it. A public toilet is still a private place and nobody should record you there. The problem is you were fucking and enjoying a cunnilingus, moaning as if there wasn't a tomorrow. If you do that, probably someone's gonna record you and publish the video on the Internet. I just hope you've learnt the lesson. You and other girls and couples. If you have sex in public places, don't be surprised if the video hits the Internet. Every action has a reaction.

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Published on 2017/05/02

Two prison officers get beaten after having an argument with some immates while they were at the common zone. Luckily, they asked for help and soon after it was all crowded by guards...

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It strokes her face with its tail and then bites her tit. And there are still people who say cats aren't kind...

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Published on 2017/04/26

Some years ago, actress Demi Moore (51) was sit on the throne of the most desired women... Perhaps her reign was kinda discreet, but her role in "Striptease", 21 years ago, made us all watch her and have fantasies with her curves.
Recently, she suffered a small slip, letting us see her tit... something I'm glad to share with you.

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And today, on "Pretty girls I'd like to rub with my cock and their Instagram accounts", Demi Rose.

Una publicación compartida de Demi Rose (@demirosemawby) el

Una publicación compartida de Demi Rose (@demirosemawby) el

Una publicación compartida de Demi Rose (@demirosemawby) el

Una publicación compartida de Demi Rose (@demirosemawby) el

Una publicación compartida de Demi Rose (@demirosemawby) el

Una publicación compartida de Demi Rose (@demirosemawby) el

Una publicación compartida de Demi Rose (@demirosemawby) el


Published on 2017/03/06

Nicki Minaj attended last Saturday the Paris Fashion Week in order to see the fashion show of her friend and designer Haider Ackermann... and she went with a tit popping out and therefore eclipsing the modist and the models on the catwalk.

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Published on 2017/02/03

Britney Spears' accidentally flahed her tit to fans while singing "Work Bitch" at Planet Hollywood's AXIS theater in Las Vegas.
Some fans tried to warn her, but she didn't notice... until one of the dancers could tell her what was going on... Fuck him!

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ExtraBall by jluis
Flan movement.

Published on 2017/02/02

"Bullets of Justice" is a movie directed by Dani Trejo looking for funds via indiegogo... A very crazy film where roles are swapped and a new species, half-human, half-pig, get to the highest point of the food chain.

During the Third World War, the American government initiates a secret project code named "Army Bacon" in order to create super soldier by inbreeding human beings with pigs.

25 years later a breed called "Muzzles" have occupied top of the food chain, eating and farming humans like animals.

Rob Justice is an ex-bounty hunter working for the last line of human resistance - a group of survivors hiding in a nuclear bunker deep underground. His mission is to find out how muzzles came to power and destroy them.

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Good boy!!

Published on 2016/08/18

Are we losing everything? Are we crossing lines because of our desire or getting the success and appreciation others enjoy? Do the innonence disappear too early because of freedom and uncontrolled access to information?... Or perhaps this has always been like this and nowadays we realize it because everybody carries a camera?

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And today, on "Really pretty girls and their Instagram accounts", Elena Romanova.

For 🍑 A bikini 👙 from @dolcessaswimwear 😍 A snap from my shoot with Moelicious @moezart

Una foto publicada por 🌸Elena Romanova🦄 (@elena88c) el

Photo by @ohrangutang Make up & Hair by @cristinapilo

Una foto publicada por 🌸Elena Romanova🦄 (@elena88c) el

Photo by the awesome @maxthompson 🐳📸 Check out and follow my friends over at @_vipmodel_ 🚨❤️ 👉 ❤️ @_vipmodel_ ❤️ 👈

Una foto publicada por 🌸Elena Romanova🦄 (@elena88c) el

😍😍 Love hot girls? Follow @mybossgirls @mybossgirls @mybossgirls 😍😍

Una foto publicada por 🌸Elena Romanova🦄 (@elena88c) el


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Published on 2016/04/01

I don't understand what's this shit about, but Pornhub just created Cornhub, for those who get excited by... corn!!??
Well, today is April Fools' Day, so...

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A gift?...

Published on 2016/03/21

Recently, during a concert in Brisbane (Australia), Madonna pulled down a fan's corset top, exposing her breast. I don't know if she thought the girl was wearing a bra or if it was a planned action.
The problem here is that apparently the girl's 17, she's a minor, but neither her nor her mother, who was in the concert too, will denouncer the popstar. Quite the contrary, they're very happy and proud of what happened. If you do that, jail will be waiting for you. If it's Madonna who does it, it's all fun. The world is just like this.
The teenager's a model and perhaps it was all prepared to promote her, who knows...

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Natasha Legeyda posing for Playboy Romania... Megalyn Echikunwoke, (CSI Miami), pookies!... and Thelma, a pretty busty woman who came and left.

Click on the images to view the content.

Published on 2016/03/11

Some mobile apps let you swap your face with that of the person next to you. It turns out to be quite funny because the camera looks for facial features and makes the change in real time...

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And today, on "Pretty and hot girls and their Instagram accounts", erotic model Rhian Sugden.

Loving my @lacefromreyn swimsuit!! 👌🏼😁❤️ #lacefromreyn

Una foto publicada por Rhian Sugden (@rhiansuggers) el


Una foto publicada por Rhian Sugden (@rhiansuggers) el

Holidaying 😎🤗

Una foto publicada por Rhian Sugden (@rhiansuggers) el

Photies for @maycontaingirl today! 📸

Una foto publicada por Rhian Sugden (@rhiansuggers) el

#obsessivelingerie double trouble 👯... Familiar face 😉

Una foto publicada por Rhian Sugden (@rhiansuggers) el

Unpretty. @samcookephotography @hollyjadepeers

Una foto publicada por Rhian Sugden (@rhiansuggers) el


Google her name in order to see her naked.

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