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Published on 2017/05/05

We're publishing a lot of exclusive photos taken at Seville's "Feria de Abril" in our Telegram channel... Photos of beautiful girls with great cleavages dressed for the occasion.

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And today, on "Pretty girls you'd like to introduce to your parents and their Instagram accounts", Nikita Samiotis.


Published on 2017/03/23

5 minutes of Ghost in the Shell

Based in famous Japanese manga, "Ghost in the Shell".

And today, on Sr Viral...

(1) Rare beasts (2) The kid and the llama (3) Nitrous oxide + wheelchair (4) Nusr_et, the chef meme (5) Instinct VS. pit (6) Which one breaks better?

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Rika S welcoming the equinox... Compilation of selfies... and Stacey Poole in a bunny uniform.

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Ahora puedes disfrutar gratis de nuestra nueva COMUNIDAD en donde chicas y parejas emiten a través de su webcam y montan numeritos en salas abiertas.
Puedes interactuar con ellas, hacerles peticiones o pedirles shows privados para que emitan solo para ti.

Estas son algunas de las webcams que están emitiendo ahora mismo…

Published on 2017/03/16

Viking humor.

Chair prank of Björn Ragnarsson (Alexander Ludwig) to his father Ragnar Lodbrok (Travis Fimmel).

Family photos... The males.


And today, on Sr Viral...

(1) Demolition team (2) The train's coming! (3) $1 million sneakers (4) Mustang against Lamborghini parking lot (5) How to use not to use .44 Magnum (6) Killer bees

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A very attractive Hilary Duff... Ireland Baldwin, Kim Basinger's daughter, a bit drunk... and getting to know Jessica Workman.

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Published on 2017/03/15

Two drunkards rebuke and threaten the owner of a bar. One of them gets a chair and throws it to her... until one of the clients decide to intervene and kick them out...

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And today, on "Pretty, sexy girls and their Instagram accounts", Julia Kelly.

Made in Portland Oregon 🌹

Una publicación compartida de Julia Kelly (@missjuliakelly) el


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Published on 2017/03/13

Hey!! Hey!!... What are you doing?... Could you please stop... But, hey! You're crazy!

And today, on Sr Viral...

(1) This knife's very sharp, isn't it? (2) Accident during illegal race (3) Hamburger with cheese (4) Mini body-builders (5) Caught in the plane (6) New trailer of Wonder Woman

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Welcoming Jana Fox... Candice Swanepoel's nipple... and Lana Kendrick in pink.

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Published on 2017/02/01

By the power of the SUV!!

I have the power!!

And today, on Sr Viral...

(1) Graham Dickinson, one of the best wingsuit fliers, passed away (2) Bikes, motorbikes and scooters... (3) Everyone wants his moment of fame (4) When you've got an awesome hair and you know it (5) Sponsored accident (6) What really happened to Winona

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Walking with Lanie Morgan by the park... Lacey Banghard in blue lingerie... and Sammy Braddy as a schoolgirl.

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Published on 2016/11/17

Walter, Juank Toro:
Humanity will never stop surprising us... That capacity of overcoming adversities, of reinventing theirselves, of adapting to the environment or circumstances... I think that if aliens came to visit us, they'd be shocked by how much we know and are able to do as a dominant species.

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Published on 2016/07/07

The fucking master of the pier.

Who is the boss here, huh?

And today, on Sr Viral...

(1) Vanessa Carlton ft pajaroto (2) Blonde 0 Laces 1 (3) Everything was calculated (4) French horn + Chair (5) On the run with your son (6) Magic Rubik's cubes

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Stunning brunnete Kendra Roll... Amateur compilation... and Social Sexy, beautiful girls' Instagram accounts.

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Published on 2016/03/14

Brazilian illustrator Butcher Billy paid tribute to David Bowie (1947/2016) creating a series of signs that link some of his songs with different pop culture iconic characters.

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... And more stuff...

(1) The cop who didn't want to look at Miesha Tate's butt (2) Don't drive so close to the preceding vehicle (3) Who's the man and who the little girl? (4) Bomb belt prank in Saudi Arabia (5) Reverse drifting with a presidential limousine? (6) Everything used to be simpler...

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Kelly Rohrbach, otra que aparecerá en la nueva de Los vigilantes de la playa, marchando chochete durante el rodaje... Hannah Davis, la reina del Caribe, para Maxim... y Abigail Ratchford y sus tremendas tetorras en un vídeo de LiveRich Media

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Published on 2015/12/09

The same way you can remember faces, you also can remember butts, although I hadn't realized it until now. I saw an image from this video and I knew right away that butt belonged to Lexy Panterra, the girl who's always twerking.
I know I'll grow tired of her, all of us will sooner or later, but by now she still attracts my attention and probably yours too.

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The law of least effort isn't always right...

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