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Published on 2016/06/29

Where two can dance...

And today, on Sr Viral...

(1) Money is so powerful (2) Guys! I love you! (3) Sportsmanship and companionship (4) How to repair a Mac (5) Scared to death (6) Blackbird

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Magnificent views at a Rihanna's concert

Which one of my Scottish fans took this video??? 🙊🙈👀 #SAUCY Glasgow thank you for a fun ass night!! #ANTIWORLDTOUR

Un vídeo publicado por badgalriri (@badgalriri) el

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Published on 2016/06/29

And from the cold Siberia and the Fraules academy leaded by Elena Yatkina, we travel to Madrid in order to meet "Aladesiempre", a young Spanish girl who's very good at twerking and gives lessons to other girls so they can improve their ass-shaking skills.

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And besides, on "Pretty girls I'd like them to let me... and their Instagram accounts", today, from Miami, Angeline Varona.

Night y'all ❤️

Una foto publicada por Angeline Varona (@angievarona) el

Baiiiiii 🐬 #dolphins #miamidolphins

Una foto publicada por Angeline Varona (@angievarona) el

Hello to all my new followers 😁

Una foto publicada por Angeline Varona (@angievarona) el


Una foto publicada por Angeline Varona (@angievarona) el

Texas de Brazil 😋

Una foto publicada por Angeline Varona (@angievarona) el


Una foto publicada por Angeline Varona (@angievarona) el

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Estas son algunas de las webcams que están emitiendo ahora mismo…

Published on 2016/06/20

Last week I was told about the last video of Lexy Panterra, the twerk dancer who wonderfully shakes her ass. I was going to publish it then, but I had a fever and had to stop working.

As you may have noticed, I stopped publishing posts by last Thursday's afternoon. I'm alright now, thanks, a fucking virus who tried to defeat me, finally with no much luck.

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And today, on "Pretty girls that, I don't know about you, but I'd certainly fuck and their Instagram accounts", AnnaCriss from Barcelona (Spain).

👀 vivir el momento🖐🏻🐰

Una foto publicada por AnnaCriss 🐢 (@annacris3) el

#malalts #malaltsdefesta #malaltsdefestacornella #vamos 👏🏼💃🏻👌🏻🔦 #pippppipp

Una foto publicada por AnnaCriss 🐢 (@annacris3) el

☀️ #🐰

Una foto publicada por AnnaCriss 🐢 (@annacris3) el


Una foto publicada por AnnaCriss 🐢 (@annacris3) el

#pues #pues #emmmn..🤔😁🙋🏼 MUUUUUUAAAAAAA💋

Una foto publicada por AnnaCriss 🐢 (@annacris3) el

Published on 2016/05/27

Twerking began as a fad and finally consolidated as any other dance and, like salsa, hip-hop or ballroom dancing, it has its own academies where girls are taught to shake their asses like real cunts, always with a lot of style.
Let me say I don't say "cunts" as a derogatory word, but the aim of twerking, apart from having fun, is turning guys on. Any girl who shakes her butt like that knows what men think... and I'm not against it, quite the contrary, but things must be called by their names.

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Women with tan lines... Jessica Jaymes as Superwoman... and an all natural Clara.

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Published on 2016/05/11

Can you imagine Patrick Swayze, when he starred as Johnny Castle in "Dirty Dancing", catching Jennifer Grey (Baby) in the last scene, when everybody was there, and dancing like this?

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See through & pokies of Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid's sister... Hailey Leigh likes playing... and Kimberly Brix and double penetrations.

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Published on 2016/04/08

His pillowsense warns him something bad is gonna happen inside...

... and today, on Sr. Viral...

(1) Ninja Cop (2) Some things can't be avoided (3) Transformer bike. Take a closer look (4) Wires (5) Teddy twerk (6) He alone is enough

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Caprice committed to love... Pretty and fine Nancy A... and compilation of tits, breasts and boobs!

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Published on 2016/04/05

Daddy paid a stripper for him... but mommy didn't find it funny.

I'm pretty sure this is gonna be today's best gif! Thumbs up!

Published on 2016/03/28

A face of dejection and sadness... A look of depression, abandonment and defeat. When bitterness takes control and you ask yourself "What have I done wrong?"

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Liza Rowe giving a blowjob secretly... Cassidy Banks showing you her skills... and Lauren Love, a Playboy's cowgirl.

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Published on 2016/03/24

High five!!

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High five you too... hey!!

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... And today, on SrViral...

(1) How to overcome the insuperable... (2) How to leave a parking lot without paying the ticket... (3) A greeting for every team member (4) How to fall down the stairs with style... (5) When you get excited and... (6) She was indeed disabled...

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Meat for Holy Week.

And don't forget to wash your hands before eating.
Enjoy your holidays! See you on Monday!

Published on 2016/03/09

Almost three years ago I made this video about cinema's sexiest dances, putting them together and editing them in order to make it amusing. I don't know if you accept stuff sent by users, but I visit Alrincon every day and I thought it could fit...

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Of course it fits!
If you wanna send us something, you can send us an email to [email protected]

Riley Reid and Anikka Sapphically don't need a man to enjoy... Alexandra Dadario along with The Rock for Baywatch in Miami... If only I could have a nurse like Alison Tyler!

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