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Published on 2018/02/16

The glass challenge.

And today, on Sr Viral...

A break

Extra cheese

Occupational hazards

Kim's double

Breaking the chain


Wow parrot

Recording yourself spinning

Push-ups race

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Titfuck... Leisure and sports... And Alisa's hot body.

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Have a nice weekend and take care!

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Published on 2018/02/06

Living with your partner can be boring if you fall into routine, can be a hell if you don't get along, can be super funny because you have a lot of things in common or it can also be an adventure where you never know what's gonna happen...

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ExtraBall by juanko
How would it be living with her like?

Published on 2018/02/05

I don't know who was honking the horn, the car in front or the car behind, but if it was the first, I think he'll think it twice the next time...

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"I've always wondered how would Tobby react if I faint... Let's find it out."

Published on 2018/02/01

A biker gets angry with a bus driver on a crossroad where he had preference... At the next stop, the biker gets off his motorbike and goes to the bus in order to reproach his attitude, but when he gets in, the driver closes the doors and gets moving...

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And today, on "Pretty girls to whom I'd like to give a lot of love and their Instagram accounts", Alyce Crawford.


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Published on 2018/01/18

When we're driving, we use to get mad often because anger arises when we feel threatened or wnat to threaten others... You see, our life's in danger, someone could hit our car... even our status can be threatened when someone wants to stand above us, but if he sees us getting angry, he may stop doing what he was doing.

I don't know what I'm telling you this, so let's go with these two videos... One reminded me of what happens when we get mad: we imagine a situation, hitting everybody, well, those who did something wrong to us... but it uses to be just a fantasy...

The other is what really happens... you think you're gonna have the fight under the control and then reality smashes you...

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ExtraBall by cristobal

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Published on 2018/01/12

Apparently, the guy in light trousers stopped his car in front of the van and got out of the vehicle wielding a baseball bat... he had an argument with the other driver because of a previous maneuver and suddenly broke the van's window... Then the van driver started it... and it's when the video starts, hitting the other car and trying to run over the driver...

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This shit is good, man!

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Published on 2017/12/19

Booze, drugs and an added hormonal alteration make this crazy pussy and her friend offer a ridiculous, embarrassing scene and at the same time tense and violent.

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Fucking in the window... A blowjob by cheerleaders' captain... And sex on the surfboard.

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Published on 2017/12/18

This video was taken during the Charlottesville protests a few months ago, where supremacists and far-right supporters attended a demonstration in front of crowds of people contrarian to their ideology... They were guarded by the police while they were being insulted... Tempers were on fire and a lot of fights took place...

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And today, on "Pretty, sexy girls and their Instagram accounts", Elisabeth Rioux.


Published on 2017/12/11

You don't need to get high on booze or drugs in order to believe you're gonna eat the whole world... Some people have such a big self-esteem and are so arrogant that they think they can defeat 2, 3... easily, and even more...

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And today, on "OMG-pretty girls and their Instagram accounts", Hailey Pandolfi.


Published on 2017/12/06

You go out an evening with your friends with the intention of having fun and, you don't know how, you end up giving and getting blows right and left. Luckily, neither you nor them know how to fight and at most you'll wake up next day with some stiffness.

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And today, on "Pretty, super hot girls and their Instagram accounts", Gabriella Ellyse.


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