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Published on 2017/07/25

These are difficult times for the Transformers, they're no longer loved in our planet and Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots, saw himself forced to rob in order to get some bucks...

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Published on 2017/07/21

Another protest against Donald Trump's decisions where anti-Trump and pro-Trump people have arguments like this:

- Fuck you!
- No, fuck you!
- No, fuck you!
- No!! Fuck you!

... and well, at the end so much tension has to explode in one way or another...

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Bryci, a classic on the Internet... Going to the beach with Angela White... and scans of Heidi Klum naked.

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Published on 2017/07/20

The truth is they weren't in equal conditions. One was using a trash bin and the other a machete, but the machete guy lost his advantage soon. The first time he uses it, it breaks... It's time to use their fists and, if you're wielding a machete in a 1 vs 1 fight, you probably aren't very good at using your fists...

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This woman looks amazing in bikini! Photo of Emily Ratajkowski.

Una publicación compartida de Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) el

Published on 2017/07/19

Two young guys cross a crosswalk when a taxi that's going very fast is approaching them... one of the guys, instead of keep walking or run, decides to stop in the middle of the crosswalk with the apparent intention of making the vehicle stop. Finally the taxi stops and an enraged passenger gets out of the car... who attacks the guys... The scene was being watch for other pedestrians, two strong guys, who decide to help the boys...
Just stuff that happens in Mother Russia...

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Mae Meyers turns 20 and this is how she celebrated her birthday... Julia Ann, MILF from head to toe... and Holly Gibbons kinda showing her tits.

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Published on 2017/07/13

What's the fucking reason for those two first blows? So the other sees you take it seriously?... No wonder you ended up like that, my friend...

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ExtraBall by yomismo
The hottie of the day...

Published on 2017/07/12

Third part of this thrilling series of fight between powers where people demand changes and equality and the police defends the wellness of world leaders and their statu quo... You can take a look at the previous parts (1 and 2) so you don't miss the protests in Hamburg because of the G20 summit.

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Susan Ayn waiting for her boyfriend at home... To the beach with Alessandra Ambrosio... and a seducing Stacey Robyn.

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Published on 2017/07/11

If I had to draw a conclusion after watching this video, I'd say that two black people stole a bike... the uncle of the boy the bike was stolen from, a senior man with a crutch, recognizes it and tries to recover it, but the couple denies it and attack the man with his own crutch. When trying to escape from the scene, karma shows up and punishes the thieves...

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ExtraBall by walter
Gimme the one you don't want...

Published on 2017/07/10

Armors, swords, maces, shields, axes, halberds... That must have been one of the most bloody eras in our history... All battles were at close range, not like now, that you fight from your house limited to 140 characters.

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ExtraBall by crow7
That's a spank, lady!

Published on 2017/07/04

Two girls are pissing in the middle of the street, I suppose they were drunk or high... the thing is that a guy sees them and starts recording them with his cell phone as he approaches them to ask if they're feeling ok... Then, a group of girls show up and accuse him of being a pervert... No problem with the girls pissing in the middle of the street, but he's a fucking pervert...

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And today, on "Pretty, hot girls and their Instagram accounts", Lisa Morales.


Published on 2017/06/30

Matt Mitrione defeats Fedor Emelianenko after a double K.O. Mitrione reacted before and was able to stand up and finish Emelianenko.

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ExtraBall crow7
... And the Oscar goes to...

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