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Published on 2017/01/12

higuer, silver, danibepo, jl, walter:
You were expecting the next "Hotties" post, weren't you? Yes, you, who don't follow our channel on Telegram yet. Wouldn't it better to follow it? You'd get these great videos directly in your cell phone or tablet. Besides, I only publish here a small selection of all the stuff we publish on Telegram...

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If you wanna download the Telegram app (you can have it in your cell phone, tablet or PC and they'll be synchronized), this is the link:

And this is our Telegram channel:

How to make a man come into the kitchen...

Published on 2017/01/09

Julio, koji, jl, walter:
Here you have some of the most recent videos of hotties we've shared on our Telegram channel.

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Click here to download the Telegram app, both for your cell phone or computer:

And this is our super awesome channel:

Clumsiest handshake in humanity's history.

Published on 2017/01/03

juanma, walter, pepe, jluis:
This year's first "hotties" post! Fresh out of the oven. Videos of hot girls from our TELEGRAM CHANNEL.

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Published on 2016/12/30

alfons rent, walter, jl:
This year's last "Hotties", you know, videos published on our Telegram channel... More and better next year!

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And today, on "Pretty, gorgeous girls and their Instagram accounts", model Elyse Knowles.

Let's keep the good times rollin 🤘🏼

Una foto publicada por Elyse Knowles (@elyseknowlzy) el

Today finally felt like summer ☀️ latest campaign for @saintseaswim shot by @emilyabay_photographer @monicagingold_beauty

Una foto publicada por Elyse Knowles (@elyseknowlzy) el

Monday cafe run with my new baby 🐶 wearing @lululemonausnz Align Pant & Free to Be Zen Bra

Una foto publicada por Elyse Knowles (@elyseknowlzy) el

Here's to my second last day of work for the year ! Helllllllz yer ✊🏼

Una foto publicada por Elyse Knowles (@elyseknowlzy) el

Goodbye Hawaii ! Goodbye Billabong Family #waikiki @billabong_womens_australia #abikinikindalife

Una foto publicada por Elyse Knowles (@elyseknowlzy) el

Made it to Kauai #Hawaii 🌴🌴

Una foto publicada por Elyse Knowles (@elyseknowlzy) el


Published on 2016/12/27

walter, cristian, jl, rider:
You already know what's coming now, don't you? If you don't, let me tell you these videos come from our Telegram channel, where we share the best porn stuff on the Internet.

This is a small compilation of videos of hotties... It's less than 1% of the content we publish on our channel!

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# Link to download TELEGRAM (app and desktop version):

# Link to our English TELEGRAM channel:

Some days ago we saw how doing squats a woman on another one is trending. Creative gym, it's called... These go a step further and raise the difficulty level to 5 stars...

Published on 2016/12/15

A new selection of videos of hotties coming from our TELEGRAM channel. Let's see if we can warm this cold morning of December.

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Sophie Dee's prepared for Christmas... Scarlett Morgan teaching how to prepare cheese bread... and Leanne Crow's overflowing boobs.

Click on the images to view the content.

Published on 2016/12/13

walter, cristian, jluis:
You already know what these posts are about... videos of hotties shared on our Telegram channel. So, if you don't follow us yet, you get to see a small part of the content we use to publish there everyday...
I chose these as I could've chosen others... after all there's a huge amount of stuff to choose from!

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# Link to download Telegram (app and desktop version):


Busty blonde Emma Rachael posing... Seeing through model Lisa Opie's clothes... and punishing Anya Olsen.

Click on the images to view the content.

Published on 2016/12/07

JOMANSAXO, walter, flipix, j luis, oscar
I've been saving some videos shared on our Telegram channel because I wanted to give them a special treatment... Videos starring HOTTIES!!

Don't think the rest of the videos don't show hotties... In fact, 90% of the videos published on our channel include hotties, it's just that I chose these ones as I could've chosen others.
Enjoy it!

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# Link to download TELEGRAM (app and desktop version):

# Link to our Telegram channel:

ExtraBall by M.A.
... and talking about our Telegram community...

Published on 2013/05/23

It seems that Eterno was some days away from our forum (¿?) and he's returned with renewed strength. He's opened a thread and he's uploaded some pictures. It may seem a friend trying to show you his holidays pictures, but I assure you it isn't that...

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