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Published on 2017/02/09

"Stop playing the fool and stand up!... You're worse than the kid! Fuck!"

And today, on Sr Viral...

(1) Mr. Agent (2) Cats don't like lending money (3) Gaga's jump (4) Teenager throws cop on the ground (5) Black dance (6) The drones of the Super Bowl

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Maria's flexibility... Compilation of selfies... and Isla White playing with her little friend.

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Published on 2016/11/01


Taking revenge on Negan (If you don't watch The Walking Dead, I'm afraid you won't understand this).

And today, on Sr Viral...

(1) Coming from work with with some holidays ahead (2) This is how machos climb up (3) Metal Karaoke (4) Z squade (5) Super Mario: Underworld (6) And he blames the other!

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Abigail Ratchford and her particular Halloween costume... Porn videos of Harley Quinn... and Lady Gaga showing-through her tits.

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Published on 2016/10/04

For those days when your neighbor switches the router off or your Internet company stops giving you service due to lack of payment...

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Lady Gaga's thighs... Compilation of butts... and Kacey and her well-placed tits.

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Published on 2016/09/19

When you're stuck and metal's your life

And today, on Sr Viral...

(1) Table tennis, master level (2) I arrive, I jump and I leave... (3) Body paint festival edition (4) Looking forward to reach port (5) Cornered (6) When you can't control your nerves

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Lady Gaga in NY... Kim Kardashian showing her great ass off... and Aidra Fox, oil massage.

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Published on 2016/09/09

Millionaire Dan Bilzerian launched a football games and betting website and, in order to promote it, he recorded another video along with his friend from LiveRichMedia, showing his great life and how money doesn't help you in your way to happiness... it directly buys it!

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Blondie Fesser and Nekane together in a video... Charlotte McKinney showing off in Hawaii... and Lady Gaga showing half a tit.

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Published on 2016/04/05

KillerDrone's an invention made by Finnish farmers consisting in a chainsaw attached to a drone. The idea turns out to be funny and absurd, but also risky and dangerous.

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Booties you can't avoid to pinch, at least in your imagination... a rocker and rebellious Alissa... and Lady Gaga's super nipple for V Mag.

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Published on 2015/09/03

One of the photographers who has photographed Miss Pixie Model, the model we saw sooner this morning, is James Bessant (England).
On his website you won't see nudes by default, you'll have to confirm you're an adult by clicking on it's supposed to appear an image. Click here.
Below you also have a link to his Tumblr account, where you won't have this problem, but on his website there's more stuff.

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Lady Gaga poses naked along with Angie Pontani for "CR Fashion Book", a magazine directed by Carine Roitfeld, former chief editor of Vogue Paris.

Published on 2015/06/25

Yesterday, Lady Gaga was caught going out from a pizzeria wearing a jacket with nothing under it.
Well, we know she wasn't really caught... why? Because there are always a lot of photographers following Gaga, so she knew they'd be there too. SHe knew what was gonna happen!
The weird thing here is that she covered her face while showing her tits... perhaps she didn't want people to notice her dyed blonde eyebrows? A diversion action?

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Published on 2015/06/01

A couple of years ago I published as an ExtraBall a photo of Lady Gaga hanging like a curing ham, waiting for the right moment to take her down. That day I didn't look for the origin of the photo, but today I stumbled across the making-of video, made by the artist Robert Wilson. Lady Gaga naked and tied... Crying, suffering. Her first bondage session.

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Published on 2015/03/02

Lagy Gaga changed clothes in a car and a boob got out.
I had to look for her tattoos on the Internet in order to confirm it was really her because she looks very different, like Uma Thurman and her makeup...

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