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Published on 2017/02/20

After enjoying Chrissy Teigen, Ashley Graham and Kate Upton's half-naked bodies for this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, now it's the turn to marvel at pretty Nina Agdal and Hannah Ferguson's...

Nina Agdal's become a TOPMODEL in uppercase... This 24-year-old Danish girl's reached the top of this profession and she's now one of the most valued models... She became even more famous when her relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio was confirmed.

Hannah Ferguson, who's also 24 and was born in Texas, has been appearing in SI for 4 years, being the 2014's edition and her bodypaining session what gave more fame to her... She also starred in a commercial for Carl's Jr along with Paris Hilton, which helped her strengthen her career.

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Published on 2017/01/31

Sports Illustrated exploits its swimsuit pictures to the maximum... The most beautiful models pose in bikinis and microbikinis at the best beaches in the world... In their Youtube channel, they share some "making of" videos of the different photo shoots and those videos provoke in us the same reactions than an anti-Trump speech in Winona Ryder.

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Did you think there couldn't be more beauty in this post? Well, you're wrong, because now, on "Pretty, explosive girls and their Instagram accounts", we should welcome Brandi Sheri with a loud applause.

Imma start hitting guys with the "Hey Bighead" at 2 am 👅😂

Una foto publicada por King B (@thebrandisheri) el

The face you make when he hits you at 2am with the "wyd"...😑😒😂

Una foto publicada por King B (@thebrandisheri) el

On some lazy shit

Una foto publicada por King B (@thebrandisheri) el

@boutinela 🌊

Una foto publicada por King B (@thebrandisheri) el

🇪🇷only type of dogs I like in my bed 😂✌🏽️

Una foto publicada por King B (@thebrandisheri) el

@mo.bella per usual 👅. Promo code: Twinning

Una foto publicada por King B (@thebrandisheri) el

I never take these damn rubber bands off my wrist 😩

Una foto publicada por King B (@thebrandisheri) el


Published on 2016/07/06

- Have you seen the new girl, guys?
- New girl? Where?
- Outside, she's out there...

And today, on Sr Viral...

(1) Little jumps (2) Changing music for... (3) A stormtrooper's harsh life (4) Mama's old for this kind of frights (5) Does appearance mean everything? (6) Chul Soon's choreography

Click on the images to view the content.

Nina Agdal playing with the Sun...

When you get caught groovin' ⛱

Un vídeo publicado por Nina Agdal (@ninaagdal) el

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Estas son algunas de las webcams que están emitiendo ahora mismo…

Published on 2016/04/07

I hope you're aware of the photos of actress Ariel Winter in bikini in Bahamas

Ariel Winter, Modern Family's little Dunphy, who isn't little anymore, is being the talk on thousands of websites thanks to her trip to Bahamas.
The reason? Her boobs. Ariel's hot big tits and getting to see her in bikini contrasts with that nerdy look we can see in the TV show.

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I don't know if I'm more envious of the guy who makes the joke of touching...

... Or of whoever made her that shaving foam (or whatever it is) bikini...

Cant find my pants.

Una foto publicada por Nina Agdal (@ninaagdal) el


Published on 2016/02/19

As you may already know, Sports Illustrated launched "Swimsuit 2016", with the intention of turning us on by using famous models. Some of them aren't very known, but they become more famous after posing for this magazine, as happened with Kate Upton or Hannah Ferguson.

They other day we saw some photos, but today I wanted to dedicate a post to Irina Shayk and Nina Agdal, including a 360º video they filmed and that lets you interact and move on your screen...

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Published on 2015/11/12

And here we are with another Tumblr account of an exhibicionist chick. Luckily, this kind of girls were happily welcomed in our society. Because we could've repudiated or ignored them... "Bitches! Cunts! You're always showing off your tits!"... but we didn't. We welcomed them with open arms.
Kudos for all these girls who know and accept our weakness and make us happy by letting us see their bodies!

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Nina Agdal, for example... She's a professional model. She could pose always dressed and she won't have a lack of work, but no... She knows we love this kind of photos and there she's, posing fully naked.

Cant find my pants.

Una foto publicada por Nina Agdal (@ninaagdal) el

Published on 2015/09/08

Cameras in cars aren't only useful for insurance companies, they also show us how everything can change in a matter of seconds. You may think you're in control, but your safety doesn't only depends on you...

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Nina Agdal improvising a birthday card because someone forgot to write the card.

U gotta do what u gotta do when its someones birthday on set and u forgot to write a card 🎉

Una foto publicada por Nina Agdal (@ninaagdal) el

Published on 2015/08/11

I just found some recent photos of Nina Agdal for a magazine... And when I say that, you know what kind of photos I'm talking about. I don't publish bullshit. Whether it's true or not, we'll see. Let's hope it is.

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Published on 2015/07/23

Magpies are said to be one of the smartest birds... They have a great communication power, store food and use to borrow shining objects, among other things...

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Nina Agdal taking a nap. Don't make noise.

@chrissyteigen ⛵️ #kangaroopose

Una foto publicada por Nina Agdal (@ninaagdal) el

Published on 2015/06/23

Here we have a racist speaking ill of the victims of the church in Charleston and a black Muslim father faces him. The white man's quite old, he's supposed to have experience in life... are you saying me he really wasn't expecting that?

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The model Nina Agdal had a little accident and she wanted to share it on Instagram.

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