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Published on 2017/06/27

A restaurant's owner and her 15-year-old daughter were attacked by a couple because they weren't happy with the service offered. Apparently the chicked was cold and the amount of chips wasn't enough. After having an argument, the owner told them to leave the food and she'd return the money back to them, but looks like it wasn't enough...

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I love you

Published on 2017/06/22

They had everything to complete their plans, I mean, they were five, five big, strong guys who counted on the surprise factor, had knives and, most importantly, a shotgun... and they only had to reduce two men. Five against one (or against one and a quarter I'd say). And they failed. They didn't expect one of the others to attack them with a machete.

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Published on 2017/06/02

The incident occurred around 12pm in a jewelry store located in Recklinghausen (germany). An armed man entered the store and used a spray on the employees, then two more men came in and all of them filled their bags with jewels and watches... One of the employees could recover a bag from them... The third robber went out later, but he was stopped by some people in the street...

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And today, on "Very pretty girls and their Instagram accounts", Sierra Nicole Lucas.


Published on 2017/05/03

I agree that firearms are dangerous... well, let's see, this is like pitbulls' owners... it's the person who's dangerous, not the dog or the firearm. But, have you seen how well are you attended when pointing someone with a gun?
Look at this woman... tired of waiting for her son to have his hair cut, entered the barbershop wielding a gun... and in 5 minutes they were out!

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Tied and subjected... Lesbian moment with Nastya and Susana... and model Victoria Bonya goes nude.

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Published on 2017/04/27

I've said a few times that stretching before doing exercise is very important. Be it in the gym, before masturbating or... before robbing a Dunkin' Donuts.
Remember, stretch in order to avoid surprises!

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Do you think the redhead at table 9 will catch this indirect?

When you studied graphic design and have a job at a bar.

Published on 2017/04/06

Where's my food? I've been all the morning asking you for food... There's no food?... Ok, no problem... OH! Oops... it fell down... And it was new, wasn't it?... It's a pity...

And today, on Sr Viral...

(1) Bugs in Matrix (2) Gordon Ramsey loses a hand (3) This is my stop (4) Surprise in the overtaking (5) Donald Trump's mega-ties (6) Robbing a bank with a truck

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Fucking Peta Jensen... Declaring his love to Nancy... and sex with Kortney Kane in the bathtub.

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Published on 2017/03/17

My oppinion about guns is: either everbody or nobody. Bad guys don't give a shit if law says you can't carry guns. They're bad! They're gonna carry them either way, so those of us who don't rob or kidnap are in clear disadvantage.
Laurence Turner, bank robber, entered one in Illinois, but he was shot by the security guard, who was considered to act in self defense.

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And today, on "Pretty girls with a kinda suspect ass and their Instagram accounts", Bruna Rangel.

Una publicación compartida de Bruna Rangel Lima (@xoobruna) el


Published on 2017/03/08

A couple of guys enter a gas station in Puerto Rico with the intention of stealing the money... well, one of them wants to steal it, while the other looks like he was bored and had nothing else to do, but two details thwarted his plans... One, he wasn't any good at this stealing thing and two, there was another guy at the gas station with the clear intention of stopping him.

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And today, on "Pretty, explosive girls and their Instagram accounts", Serbian singer Jelena Karleuša.

I see you 👀👩🏼

Una publicación compartida de JELENA KARLEUŠA (@karleusastar) el


Una publicación compartida de JELENA KARLEUŠA (@karleusastar) el

👀 In @laquan_smith dress 😍👌🏻

Una publicación compartida de JELENA KARLEUŠA (@karleusastar) el

I miss my blue hair #tb

Una publicación compartida de JELENA KARLEUŠA (@karleusastar) el

😻 @antidotela

Una publicación compartida de JELENA KARLEUŠA (@karleusastar) el

Once you become fearless, life becomes limitless 🦁🦁🦁 📸 @dusannpetrovic

Una publicación compartida de JELENA KARLEUŠA (@karleusastar) el

📸👀 Hairextension by @masastudiokristal

Una publicación compartida de JELENA KARLEUŠA (@karleusastar) el

Published on 2017/02/07

When I share this kind of videos and I say they're fake, I feel a little like that "smart" guy who says WWE fights are just a show, that they don't really hit one to each other... But you know what? Some people still believe WWE combats are real!
The same happens with this kind of videos... they're fake... some people think they're real, but I wanna think many more people know they're false, that they're just intended to go viral... They form part of the Internet show.
But it's also true that if I don't say anything, it could look like I believe it's a real video...

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A couple of days ago I received a link to VK with some personal pictures of Emily Ratajkowski. It turns out we'd alreadt seen those photos because they belong to the stuff leaked in the Fappening, two years and a half ago.
Yesterday I shared one as an ExtraBall because it's always great to see Emily, but I'm seeing how some people are talking about a new iCloud hacking... and no, it isn't new, they're the same photos we saw back then.
Anyway, I'm publishing the link because I got it by email and I have no problems seeing Emily naked again...

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Published on 2017/01/20

Dissimulation wasn't his strong point... A guy tries to steal two laptops from a shop, but as they're tied up, he runs away because he's such a coward... only 1 minute and something later, two other guys come into the shop and pull the laptops...

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And today, on "Pretty, hot girls and their Instagram accounts", Inez, from Mexico.

Knew it was too good to be trew anyway.

Una foto publicada por Inez (@vulgarartist) el

I've found an inch of my soul again, it's artistic, optimistic and endless, however it's not as loud as I posed to be and I shut down my sensitive and empathetic side this past year. It's like I became lost and tried to find myself in others, and I feel like I almost did, but I knew something was wrong and missing. I'd rather mess up than put up with something that makes me unhappy. Look I understand it works for some people but it's like everyone has lost the pure child like joy and kindness in them? It's so strange there is just so much hate everywhere and I was just completely surrounded by the most bizarre situations, weird situations. That's not what life is about idk u do u, but u do what makes u happy. ALSO I went off the pill because fuck stuffing up my body for no good reason! Yay my boobs are gonna shrink like cray 😝 let's watch the progression of em

Una foto publicada por Inez (@vulgarartist) el

The world is bigger than your dick so put it in your pants and take a DAMN SEAT BOY

Una foto publicada por Inez (@vulgarartist) el


Una foto publicada por Inez (@vulgarartist) el


Una foto publicada por Inez (@vulgarartist) el


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