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Published on 2017/01/16

I'm shocked after watching the new music video of Residente, called "Somos Anormales" (means We're freaks).
Behind Residente we can find René Pérez Joglar, a Puerto-Rican rapper, composer and producer.
For this video he had the collaboration of actors Óscar Jaenada, John Leguizamo, Juan Diego Botto or Leonor Watling.

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And now, on "Pretty, hot girls and their Instagram accounts", Leanna Decker.

#profile ☺️

Una foto publicada por Leanna Decker (@leannadecker_) el

Because it's cold outside and I'm missing warm weather #tb 👙😝 #teenyb #mexico

Una foto publicada por Leanna Decker (@leannadecker_) el

💕👙#teenyb #bikini

Una foto publicada por Leanna Decker (@leannadecker_) el

#tbt w/ @gregoriophotography & @aliciacarbajal for @guess

Una foto publicada por Leanna Decker (@leannadecker_) el


Una foto publicada por Leanna Decker (@leannadecker_) el

😉 #teenyb #bikini

Una foto publicada por Leanna Decker (@leannadecker_) el

👙 #bts w/ @teenyb_bikinis #teenyb

Una foto publicada por Leanna Decker (@leannadecker_) el


In case you don't know Leanna Decker, she's a famous nude model... Google can show you a lot of photos and videos...

Published on 2017/01/16

Put some firewood on your barbecue because I'm bringing good amateur meat. Firescotch12 is enjoying this showing off period in her life and she shares new nude photos on Reddit very often. These are the ones I chose...

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Published on 2017/01/16

yo, walter:
Mondays don't have to be awful days... Cheer up! Yes, we're coming from the weekend, two days we used to rest, have fun, do whatever we wanted with our time, sleep, be lazy at home, go partying, watch movies and TV shows, play with our Xbox One or PS4, go hiking... Oh, damn it, FUCKING MONDAYS!!
Let's see now who's capable of cheering us up... Ok, girls can! They're the only ones who can cheer us up and turn us on!

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Deleted sex scene of Scarlett Johansson in "The Avengers"... Hot and sexy Missa... and let's go to the spa with Sabine Jemeljanova.

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Published on 2017/01/13

petitearaignee's a thin girl with a teen, little body, the kind who succeed on the catwalks... She needs more curves, but her tits are wonderful...

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Published on 2017/01/13

yomismo, dek:
While we're here shivering and wearing 4 or 5 layers of clothing, in the other side of the world they're heating and running by the sand, looking for some shadow and not burn their feet...

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The Small American Hero!

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Published on 2017/01/13

There has always been a shadow of suspicion when we guys spend more time than the usual in the bathroom... but if there's something the Internet has taught us is that girls are as dangerous as us, or even more.
Is she making up?... Is she trying on clothes?... I'm sure she's fingering or taking nude photos to share them on the Internet... No way! I don't think so!

Public toilets and fitting rooms all over the world are becoming improvised peepshows where young girls record themselves with their cell phones or broadcast their live erotic shows...

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Gathering in GTA V to invade the military base and destroy all the facilities... Vengeance moment. Cool!

Published on 2017/01/13

We created a post about tastefultease last year... she's a chick who shares photos of her tits on Tumblr... She knows she has a pair of wonderful boobs and, since showing them off in the street only can bring her trouble, she does it on the Internet and everybody's happy...

lindsey_luvz, on the other hand, chose Reddit... for the same reasons. She wants to show her body because she knows guys drool for her and she found on the Internet the safest and most exciting way to do it... This is the "I get naked in my room with the curtain open" thing in the 21st century.

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Actress Maitland Ward's big tits... Getting to know Nikia... and nude images of actress Olga Kurylenko in Hitman.

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Published on 2017/01/13

Is this a hint inviting me to go into her home with her?... I'm very bad understanding these hidden messages... You should speak out, otherwise I may not catch your message...

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And today, on "Pretty, healthy girls and their Instagram accounts", Valentina Lequeux.

Before leaving the phone down and start celebrating new years eve let's make the last post of 2016 this year has been very difficult and full of surprises a lot of ups and downs. Also brought me amazing people who helped us in our careers and in many other ways and I can say I'll be starting 2017 stronger, wiser and with an even more clear vision of what I want for my life and for my goals. To you following me I'm truly thankful for your support and love. This year coming is full of projects to get closer to you and I'll be able to motivate more of you with more time and resources. Special thanks to this power couple for supporting me since our first shoot and believing in me 📸@ohrangutang/ @ohrangutangtv GLAM: @cristinapilo

Una foto publicada por Valentina Lequeux (@valentinalequeux) el

When all the calories go to the right place @femalesphysiques

Una foto publicada por Valentina Lequeux (@valentinalequeux) el


Published on 2017/01/13

Our next sexy redditor is one of those women who, far from being embarrassed or hiding her huge boobs, decided to be proud of what God gave her, so she enjoys showing her tits off as much as possible, preferably on the Internet... Good for her and for other women who, like her, opt for showing their exhibitionist instincts and suppress them...
If it isn't eaten by humans, it'll be eaten by worms.

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Published on 2017/01/13

walter, jl:
Today's girl job has a very beautiful end, one of the most romantic, endearing ends I've ever seen... When I saw it, a "Oooohhh, so cute" filled my room, along with the kind of silly smile we do when our GF/wife has a beautiful detail with us.

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Nude and sexy photos of model Jessica Davies... An attractive Melissa Debling... and model Elizabeth Marxs bathing in the river.

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