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Published on 2017/01/12

Third video in slow motion... If you have the feeling today's going very slow, you should blame Alrincon... It looks like the planets agreed to make me publish slow motion videos today...
Testing the new Go Pro Hero under the water... and what's better than recording my girlfriend and her new trikini?

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The video of Trump, the Russian girls and the pee many people are talking about...

Published on 2017/01/10

The horse and his rubber chicken...

When the school shooting was a success...

When the school shooting was a success

And today, on Sr Viral...

(1) When you forget how to walk (2) An aquarium in your pool (3) Thermodynamics and interior design (4) 1 million if you score (5) The motorbike that can't fall (6) Extreme tag game

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Ashley's big boobs... Subjecting the redhead... and an attractive Summer St Claire.

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Published on 2017/01/03

The dog with hangover...

"Hey, stop! Are you crazy?"

When you don't know about the change of plans...

"You said it was an informal meeting... you bastards!"

And today, on Sr Viral...

(1) The sparkler fool (2) Grandpa and the open mouth game (3) Renovating urban furniture (4) Acrobatic golf (5) This is how poodles are made (6) What could possibly go wrong?

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Model Izabel Goulart's pussy... August Ames well-oiled... and model Lucy Vixen's meat.

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Este es el enlace de INVITACIÓN para seguirnos por nuestro CANAL de TELEGRAM:

Los usuarios de iPhone o MAC no podéis entrar. Dadle las gracias a Apple y a su política de "nada de porno desde nuestros dispositivos". Si usas Android o Windows, adelante, puedes entrar.

* Además del CANAL, tenemos también un GRUPO en TELEGRAM. Un GRUPO PRIVADO al que resulta díficil acceder porque los GRUPOS de TELEGRAM son como mucho para 5000 pensonas, y nuestro GRUPO, está lleno. Ya no puede entrar nadie más. Más que un GRUPO, es un CLUB PRIVADO de amigos. Si alguien se va y deja una plaza libre, lo notificaré por la web para que el más rápido pueda hacerse con un sitio.

Published on 2016/12/30

A group of black guys are interrupted by the police while they were recording a music video about love, disenchanment, overcoming, friendship...
Apparently, they were after a guy with several warrants and they didn't find him. What they found was drugs and a gun...

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Look, mum, without hands!

Published on 2016/12/22

Mothers use to get scandalized and dramatic when it comes to pornography... imagine if, instead of watching a normal video, they do it wearing VR glasses.
Embarrassment, level: "I cover my eyes with my hands but I can't because I have these glasses".

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And today, on "Pretty and hot girls and their Instagram accounts", Diana Sparks.

Happy Birthday Diana #birthdaygirl #saggitarius #russian

Una foto publicada por Diana Sparks ♛ (@iamdianasparks) el

When bae asks what I got him for Christmas 💁🏻👑 #happySunday

Una foto publicada por Diana Sparks ♛ (@iamdianasparks) el

The best things happen unexpectedly 😌

Una foto publicada por Diana Sparks ♛ (@iamdianasparks) el

Karma isn't a bitch... it's a mirror.

Una foto publicada por Diana Sparks ♛ (@iamdianasparks) el

Sunday Vibes ☀️

Una foto publicada por Diana Sparks ♛ (@iamdianasparks) el


Una foto publicada por Diana Sparks ♛ (@iamdianasparks) el


Published on 2016/11/28

Graffitis are a type of artistic expression not everybody's capable of understanding... Ok, a lot of people graffiti our streets with the only intention of making themselves known or fucking others, but we have to admit many of them are works of art... A urban art who seeks in many cases protesting about social problems experienced in big cities or just current news so people don't forget about them...

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ExtraBall by fouronzas
Spanks, whips and other ways to get warm. BDSM and the extreme art of love.

Published on 2016/11/15

One of the reasons behind GTA's success is the freedom it offers when it comes to move around the city and interact with people and objects as if it was an alternative life... It gives you the possibility of creating a lot of amusing, funny, stupid situations... for example by making parodies of Youtube videos that went viral.

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Pretty redhead Leanna Decker for Playboy... Kandace showing her body off... Niemira and her sports car.

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Published on 2016/11/08

The last challenge that went viral on the Internet is the #MannequinChallenge. Every week there are new challenges out there, until one gets its piece of success... for the last weeks it was the bottle challenge and now it's time for the mannequin one. It's all about recording a video of a scene where the time stopped, where people remain still like if they were mannequins.
The truth is it's quite a stupid challenge, but well, it's the Internet. I've prepared a compilation with some of the sexiest and most amusing ones I found.

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Collection of good butts... Alexandra Daddario, Percy Jackson's actress... and a shy Timea.

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Published on 2016/11/07

This crystal/mirror kissing thing is like selfies... Perhaps you don't do it everyday, but you've probably done it at least once.
100 people agreed to kiss a crystal, letting us see their faces from the other side. Yes, it's a stupid thing. But humans love stupid things.

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ExtraBall by michael saw
Wow, I wanna take that!

Published on 2016/11/03

Having a good breakfast is important to have a productive day.

And today, on Sr Viral...

(1) Winter is coming (2) Tsuru vs. Versa (3) A normal day... (4) Lifting men (5) A very doggy dog (6) Ok. Ready! Go!

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Chrissy Marie and her yellow bikini... Ariel Winter's great ass... and Stacey as a schoolgirl.

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