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Published on 2017/09/08

Everything was going well until she tried to engage reverse gear. Apparently they should go to the workshop because the reverse gear isn't working properly...

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ExtraBall by javier
Her shorts don't want to be pulled up...

Published on 2017/08/28

As expected by most people, Floyd Mayweather got the victory last Saturday in the tenth round. Conor McGregor started taking the initiative, while Mayweather was doing his thing, that is, defending, which is his fight style. At the end, McGregor was exhausted and Mayweather showed his superiority by winning by technical knockout.

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Published on 2017/08/10

I don't know why people say daggering is a shit dance... when it's a great display of choreographic creativiy when well-done and well-executed...

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Shopping on the Internet...

Published on 2017/08/09

Some chips, please!


And today, on Sr Viral...

(1) When you think you're saved and... (2) Moray eel's double jaw (3) Getting very excited (4) The fucking railing (5) Boreness + hunting instinct (6) Watch out the puddle (7) A chair, a table and a dumb (8) Betrothal (9) Wrapping lunch

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Darcie Dolce having her way with Lana Rhoades... Pamela Anderson in high seas... and Kate Moss goes topless.

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Published on 2017/08/07

How to make your own cool pillow. Easy and fast...
Some people can't sleep well without a good pillow... On Alrincon we show you how to have a pillow which will help you sleep like an angel... after using it...

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Private photos of Alison Brie, actress in Mad Men... Kelly Hall goes PinUp... and Kimmie & Mackenzie are two schoolgirls.

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Published on 2017/08/02

I read that if someone could've rivaled Kim Kardashian's ass that would be Bianca Elouise, but that's too much saying... Dethroning Kim from her reign on the Internet is a difficult task and planets should be perfectly aligned for any woman to steal her position.
And who is Bianca Elouise?... Bianca Elouise's a swimsuit designer, a pseudo-celebrity with a good ass, better than Kim's indeed, but Kim's more than just a butt.

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ExtraBall by cachorra
The sad existence of a piece of toilet paper.

Published on 2017/07/27

It's time to clean your backyard... Your brother-in-law lent you his pressure washer... You have a good start, taking it seriously, but soon after you feel the necessity of showing the artist inside you...

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Published on 2017/07/05

Let's see... this video's kinda unpleasant, but at the same time I find it endearing. Many of us will get to that age and, the same way I used to think people in their 40's were old when I was a kid and now that I'm 40 I still consider myself young, I'm sure I'll like to intimate when I turn 65, or at least that's what I hope so...
An old couple sit on a bench is enjoying a sunny day... It's quite funny the man's attitude and how she slows him down...

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My girlfriend told me she was in need of a black guy...

Published on 2017/07/04

This woman, with good appearance, just suffered a car accident. When people approach her vehicle in order to see how is she, they find her connected to an aerosol which could be one of those sprays you use to clean the car's dashboard...

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ExtraBall by crow7
The true story of The Ring. Only in Japan.

Published on 2017/06/29

So?!... Vegans out there... What do you have to say about this?

And today, on Sr Viral...

(1) From mug to pro in an instant... (2) This week's fool (3) When you already know what's coming... (4) You'll see how you fly off (5) Why did the chicken cross the road? (6) Parked!

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Rita Ora's pokies... Emily Ratajkowski's fantastic ass... and lesbian action between Cherie DeVille and Dani Daniels.

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