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Published on 2017/02/15

People say that when you get married or go to live with your girlfriend, sex starts to decrease... Not my case because I fuck everyday oO... Work, couple routine, sexual routine, fatigue, the kids... rejection... yes, rejection! At first we guys ask for sex everyday, but they don't always want: not today, I'm tired, I have to get up early, I don't feel well, I'm sleepy... So, you stop insisting and when you realize it, you're fucking occasionally...
So, I watch this video and I don't feel sorry... They should suffer just like we do...

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Awards, galas, presentations, homages... at the end you're so tired of all these things... Ask Rihanna if you don't believe me... Riri, how do you endure all this?

No wonder she looks so happy and devoted...

Published on 2016/12/21

It was the night before Christmas when all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse......
The stocks were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon we'll be there. The children were nestled all snug in their beds while visions of sugar danced in their heads and mamma in her kerchief and I in my cap had just settled our brains for a long winter's nap...

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This is how Britney Spears says "good morning"...

Good morning! May you all have a blessed day 😊

Una foto publicada por Britney Spears (@britneyspears) el

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Published on 2016/11/01

Are you capable of remembering the lyrics, of not toning down, of holding your composure... while a girl gives you a handjob?

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Compilation of selfies... Captain Madison... and Charlize Theron's pokies.

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Este es el enlace de INVITACIÓN para seguirnos por nuestro CANAL de TELEGRAM:

Los usuarios de iPhone o MAC no podéis entrar. Dadle las gracias a Apple y a su política de "nada de porno desde nuestros dispositivos". Si usas Android o Windows, adelante, puedes entrar.

* Además del CANAL, tenemos también un GRUPO en TELEGRAM. Un GRUPO PRIVADO al que resulta díficil acceder porque los GRUPOS de TELEGRAM son como mucho para 5000 pensonas, y nuestro GRUPO, está lleno. Ya no puede entrar nadie más.
Más que un GRUPO, es un CLUB PRIVADO de amigos. Si alguien se va y deja una plaza libre, lo notificaré por la web para que el más rápido pueda hacerse con un sitio.

Puedes probar suerte y comprobar si hay plazas libres mediante este enlace de invitación:

Published on 2016/10/26

Patience is a great virtue. Cultivate your patience.

And today, on Sr Viral...

(1) C'mon, don't get mad, it was just a prank... (2) Don't sing. Why do you sing? (3) Always in a hurry (4) Note 7 vest (5) Don't argue with your car (6) It's raining skaters

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Fucking in the local bus... Photo shoot, and more, with Alex Grey... and Angela White as a horny teacher.

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Published on 2016/10/11

Meanwhile, at Samsung's headquarters...

Take a look at this stuff from Sr Viral...

(1) Run, little ones, run! (2) GTA in virtual reality (3) Trump and Hillary singing Dirty Dancing (4) Life guard kitten (5) GTA Turkey (6) Long live the King!

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Compilation of selfies... Jessica L. is a clean hippie... and Lexi Lowe and he mega dildo.

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Published on 2016/10/03

And now, in order to brighten this evening up and take a rest with a beer in our hand, these musical moments...

Seeing through model Natasha Poly's clothes... Compilation of new selfies... and Lola posing inside a Chevrolet.

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Published on 2016/09/29

That awkward moment when you notice your mother was using the front camera of her cell phone and that she saw you.

This week you won't get any money...

And today, on Sr Viral...

(1) Shut up!! (2) Do you recognize it? (3) Instant Karma (4) Don't get loose so soon (5) Am I annoying? (6) Losing to a chimpanzee

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Hey, Hayley Marie... Shay Fox and housework... and Anita Sikorska for Playboy.

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Published on 2016/07/07

The fucking master of the pier.

Who is the boss here, huh?

And today, on Sr Viral...

(1) Vanessa Carlton ft pajaroto (2) Blonde 0 Laces 1 (3) Everything was calculated (4) French horn + Chair (5) On the run with your son (6) Magic Rubik's cubes

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Stunning brunnete Kendra Roll... Amateur compilation... and Social Sexy, beautiful girls' Instagram accounts.

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Published on 2015/12/22

10 female volunteers trying to sing "Silent Night" on a Sybian, a kind of Queen seat that has a vibrator that tickles them between their legs.

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Published on 2014/08/11

This video shows a nice, funny and very hot Asa Akira. Well, and she doesn't know where her heart is.
I don't know where does this come from or who are those three with her...

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