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Published on 2017/08/07

When I bring Tumblr accounts I feel like a hunter who enters the village with his prey on his shoulders, dodging the kids who run around him, laughing, jumping, trying to touch it...

The first is commeduvelours, a lovely chick with a very attractive body who enjoys playing with the camera...

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And refined-love, the account of a couple who, with the excuse of feeding their Tumblr and giving content to their followers, record themselves fucking and take photos with a very elegant and artistic touch...

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Extreme enema.

Published on 2017/08/04

Yesterday I told you I had many Tumblr accounts waiting to be published, so here you have two more...

The author of the pretty-dirty-girl account is kinda nerdy. She likes dressing up as mancha characters, but not in a cosplaying way like we can see at Comic-Con... She prefers a more sensual, intimate way...

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The girl behind the alittlequirky account prefers the erotic-artistic style... Her photos are of very hiqh quality... you won't find here thoughtlessly selfies... She thinks about every picture, giving them a more professional and laborious touch...

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Spanish actress Melani Olivares happy with her curves three months after giving birth.

Una publicación compartida de @melaniolivares el

Ahora puedes disfrutar gratis de nuestra nueva COMUNIDAD en donde chicas y parejas emiten a través de su webcam y montan numeritos en salas abiertas.
Puedes interactuar con ellas, hacerles peticiones o pedirles shows privados para que emitan solo para ti.

Estas son algunas de las webcams que están emitiendo ahora mismo…

Published on 2017/08/03

My browser is full of author Tumblr accounts, you know, accounts of girls who share their own nude photos among reblogs...

With the first one I doubt if she's the one who uploads the images or it's her boyfriend or someone who got her pictures somehow... There are a lot of men who "steal" photos from other accounts and publish them as if they were the woman in them. Anyway, this lady's boobs are worth to be seen.

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Rowena's a sex professional 2.0... that kind of sex without physical contact... everything is done via the Internet... Girls try to make a living out of sharing selfies, offering webcam shows, selling their videos... and their clients are happy with masturbating while seeing that content... Everything evolves, even sexual relationships.

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The author of amethystlight45 Tumblr account is a part-time model... She enjoys showing her nude body off and if a photographer asks for her services there she's... Her account is a mix of professional works and personal pictures of her day to day...

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ExtraBall by david
The most magical striptease ever.

Published on 2017/08/02

The Tumblr account of ar-uncommon-cpl belongs to a couple who enjoys taking photos of themselves and sharing them on the Internet... The truth is she's the star of the account... His role's less than a supporing actor, he's just a figurant... But this is normal... We guys focus on women and we replace the men who appear in the photos by ourselves...

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Published on 2017/08/02

I just visited the Tumblr account of eeveestevie, where Arwen, a chick we knew about last year on this post, has kept sharing a few photos... Now she wants to professionalize it and make some money, so she created another private account with more explicit stuff and a snapchat account where, after paying, you can access more content...

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Published on 2017/08/01

New post about Jazmine Ruby's Tumblr account, a woman who likes interacting with the Internet's community and make friends by showing her tits off.
We published an entry about her more than one year ago and, after visiting her account again and seeing she's been updating it with more photos, I decided to bring her again so all of you can enjoy her stuff.
Jazmine's one of the very few girls who has her account full of cocks. Some men enjoy sending photos of their cocks and most girls and women on Tumblr hate dick pictures... in fact many of them say they don't want to receive them and that they'll block anyone who does so... Jazmine's all the contrary... She loves cock photos and likes publishing them. I'm telling you this just like a curiosity.

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Published on 2017/08/01

Some girls show their naked bodies off just because they like it or wanna attract some attention, while others only pretend to make money out of it... Among those who seek a return of inversion, some are happy with getting some gifts and some want the money directly... There are a lot of ways to monetize a woman's exhibitionist instincts, but the strategy's the most important thing. Some of them use teasers, like bbyalessandra, and if you wanna see more, then you have to pay...
She's got a Tumblr account where she shares her erotic pictures, moves sexy in front of the camera, takes selfies in lingerie... a few nudes which don't show everything... and if get hooked, which is her intention, you have the possibility of accessing her "uncensored" content after a payment is made...
These are some of the photos you can find on her account...

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Published on 2017/07/28

She likes pizza, aliens, eroticism and love. And showing her butt off. She likes that too.

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Published on 2017/07/28

Our next protagonists are a couple who share their photos in a personal and hot diary where they include their love encounters with the intention of turning viewers on and so strengthening their complicity as lovers. Or something like that.

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Published on 2017/07/28

Our next recommended photographer, Edwin L Munt, lives in North Carolina. He's got a very interesting portfolio, full of gorgeous women...
"How do you like women?"
"Naked in my bed".

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And now, on "Pretty girls with pliable butts and their Instagram accounts", Becky Steez.

Muscle and fat... But the fat's going away thanks to my bananas 🍌🤘🏼

Una foto publicada por becky steez (@beckydeeve) el

Tired Bex

Una foto publicada por becky steez (@beckydeeve) el


Una foto publicada por becky steez (@beckydeeve) el


Una foto publicada por becky steez (@beckydeeve) el

My hand under your skirt 🍯

Una foto publicada por becky steez (@beckydeeve) el

Beach day 🙌🏽

Una foto publicada por becky steez (@beckydeeve) el

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