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Published on 2017/04/27

This is the third year in a row that we publish a post about Wendy and her Tumblr account. Wendy's a sex worker 2.0... This means she exploits the recourses and platforms offered by the Internet in order to sexually interact with her users, chatting with them and offering webcam shows, sharing her sexual photos, GIF's and videos... She's a very active, hardworking girl, so she deserves us to promote her. Talent and commitment have a prize, in any sector, and Wendy deserves it.

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Published on 2017/04/26

Serena likes crystal very much... and not the drug, I'm talking about those crystal stones which are supposed to have energy, healing, cosmic and who knows what else properties... Apart from that, Serena's got a Tumblr account she uses to share her nude photos. This is more interesting, isn't it? I love her tits, so young and turgid. Like two zirconia stones.

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Published on 2017/04/26

When I started sharing Tumblr accounts of amateur girls, I wondered whether some day I'd run out of new profiles. It's been 5 or 6 years since then and here I am, sharing one, two, three or even four accounts every day...

The author of the account xmpure looks like a good girl. I mean, she appears to be a clean, tidy girl, one you'd never suspect to share their nude photos on the Internet if you were to meet her in person...

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On the other hand, the author of the account soft-nyymph... let's see... I'm not saying she isn't clean... but that hair... and those hairs on her armpits... hmmm... nope... however, her pussy is shaved! Who understands women?

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Ahora puedes disfrutar gratis de nuestra nueva COMUNIDAD en donde chicas y parejas emiten a través de su webcam y montan numeritos en salas abiertas.
Puedes interactuar con ellas, hacerles peticiones o pedirles shows privados para que emitan solo para ti.

Estas son algunas de las webcams que están emitiendo ahora mismo…

Published on 2017/04/26
ZVAAL 2017

Let's take a look at the new pictures published by American photographer Zvaal... A man who focuses on taking photos of nude ladies, therefore immortalizing a time and a moment...

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Published on 2017/04/25

Today's last post features Alyssa, a femme fatale who likes tattoos and looks like a tough girl. If you have a problem at work, perhaps you could reach her in order to get your boss beaten.

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En el GRUPO además de usuarios de Android y Windows también podéis entrar los que uséis dispositivos de Apple.

Published on 2017/04/25

Behind the account of dazedandtakesnudes there's a young girl who likes smoking weed and having her hands tied and her ass reddened by her boyfriend... Many couples do this nowadays, but don't think this is something new... your grandparents also had alternative and extreme sex... the difference's they did it in private.

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Published on 2017/04/24

The author of beaurire Tumblr account wrote on the header "Sit down. Shut up"... I don't know if she's saying that in an authorative or it's something she likes men to tell her because she's a submissive woman. This is like the half-empty/half-full bottle controversy. Everyone sees it in one or another way.
Anyway, she's got a beautiful pair of big boobs and with boobs like those I let her play whatever she wants.

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Published on 2017/04/24

Make some space because I'm sharing three Tumblr accounts, time to enjoy amateur tits!

The first one is Hollie (alittlestoned), a 21-year-old English chick... she likes Star Wars movies, women and joints, but not necessarily in that order...

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Jordy (puxxxy) is 19 and comes from Canada... She likes taking photos of her tits, she loves her ass and also smoking weed pipes...

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Kandra (ifitsnot-okay-thenitsnottheend) likes women, cats and art... and do you know what?... There's no photo of her smoking weed!

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Stripping Melissa Dangerous... New anal with Mia Malkova... and amateur sex.

Click on the images to view the content.

Published on 2017/04/24

Andri Koiava's a designer and photographer born in a small Eastern Europe country who moved to the USA when he was a kid. He's studied graphic design, but he feels a strong attraction towards photography. These are some of the images he shares on his website.

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Published on 2017/04/21

The Tumblr account of addyogurt belongs to a couple who, while they travel and give love one to each other, try to have always a camera close in order to immortalize such pleasuring moments... Most people take photos next to monuments... and a few take photos while fucking, so they can remember past and better times when they grow older.

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