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Published on 2016/04/15


I'm sure that nowadays, if it wasn't for the legal problems you could have, we could be enjoying porn videos digitally edited with the face of any celebrity. The technology's available, but legally it would be a death sentence.
Just imagine a porn scene with Katy Perry, Sofía Vergara or Christina Hendricks, to name a few... Or a software capable of getting the picture of any woman you wanted (a celeb, your neighbor, your friend) and swaping her face with a porn star's. Oh, and I'd be great if it was capable of modifying her body too: taller, shorter, thinner, fatter, bigger or smaller tits... I feel chills of just imagining it!

Erotiscopic is the Tumblr account of a digital artist who chose some celebs, improved their physical attributes and undressed them. This guy is an Internet's superhero.

Christina Hendricks

Sofia Vergara

Denise Milani

Olivia Munn

Martha Hunt

Jordan Carver

Ashley Olsen

Heidi Montag

Jennifer Aniston

Marcia Cross

Irina Shayk

Miranda Kerr

Hayden Panettiere

Candice Swanepoel

Serena Williams

Kate Upton

Kylie Jenner

Halle Berry

Elizabeth Mitchell

Jessica Alba

Charlize Theron

Check out his Tumblr account to see thousands of images:

I missed Katy Perry. I didn't see her. Perhaps she's there, but I didn't find it...

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