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Published on 2016/04/05

Daddy paid a stripper for him... but mommy didn't find it funny.

I'm pretty sure this is gonna be today's best gif! Thumbs up!

Published on 2016/03/28

A face of dejection and sadness... A look of depression, abandonment and defeat. When bitterness takes control and you ask yourself "What have I done wrong?"

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Liza Rowe giving a blowjob secretly... Cassidy Banks showing you her skills... and Lauren Love, a Playboy's cowgirl.

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Categories: Videos, WTF / Tags: dance, , wtf, , , despair

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Published on 2016/03/24

High five!!

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High five you too... hey!!

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... And today, on SrViral...

(1) How to overcome the insuperable... (2) How to leave a parking lot without paying the ticket... (3) A greeting for every team member (4) How to fall down the stairs with style... (5) When you get excited and... (6) She was indeed disabled...

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Meat for Holy Week.

And don't forget to wash your hands before eating.
Enjoy your holidays! See you on Monday!

Published on 2016/03/09

Almost three years ago I made this video about cinema's sexiest dances, putting them together and editing them in order to make it amusing. I don't know if you accept stuff sent by users, but I visit Alrincon every day and I thought it could fit...

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Of course it fits!
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Riley Reid and Anikka Sapphically don't need a man to enjoy... Alexandra Dadario along with The Rock for Baywatch in Miami... If only I could have a nurse like Alison Tyler!

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Published on 2016/03/01

Ace of Diamonds, in Los Angeles, is one of the most famous striptease clubs in the city, and not only because of the strippers working in there... it's the place chosen by famous rappers in order to show off their money and look for women needed for the parties we can and can't see in ther music videos... Besides, Ace of Diamonds is gonna be the first club with its own reality show, showing the day to day and the life of some of the most famous strippers.

Ace of Diamonds has got an account on Instagram full of photos of their parties and girls...

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Don't miss: Leanne Crow playing Call of Duty. Perhaps you've killed her or she killed you and you didn't know it... Kirsty Moore's gorgeous. An angel fallen from the sky... And Colette Joseline and Cali Sparks giving good love... Level of envy: high!

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Published on 2016/02/19

Some months ago I published a video of a fitness class filmed in 360º with a special camera... that video came from a Youtube channel where a group of Korean girls promote that camera filming themselves in different situations, for example dancing, walking by the street or doing different activities...

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Alejandra Guilmant's a Mexican model who has appeared in many magazine covers... She's very beautiful... Here you have some photos from her Instagram account and...

Eternal sunshine ✨#beachbum @lostculture

Una foto publicada por Alejandra Guilmant (@aleguilmant) el

Set life y'all 🌴 #würthcalendar photo by @emmacita #beachbum wearing @lostculture

Una foto publicada por Alejandra Guilmant (@aleguilmant) el

✨ more from last nights @maximmexico anniversary party, always making me feel beautiful with my NOV cover. ✨ #lifestyle #fiestamaxim

Una foto publicada por Alejandra Guilmant (@aleguilmant) el


... what is better, photos of when she was caught topless during one of her last photo sessions...

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Published on 2016/02/15

Ekaterina Melnikova, known in her neighbourhood as Keat Mel, is a companion of Elena Yatkina's (the Fraules leader, the famous dance academy specialized in twerking).

Keat also has millions and millions of view on her Youtube channel. She shares short twerking choreographies. The last one, for example, deserves to be watched.

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And since this post is about booties...

Published on 2016/02/11

By the creators of "how to touch their butt and escape unscathed" arrives "how to make them do the housework without getting disappointed".
I've always thought that we guys are so simple that women can do whatever they want with us. This video's a goog example of what I'm saying...

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New photos of Miley Cyrus posing for a magazine. I don't know which one and the truth is I don't care. I don't care about Miley either, but I admit she forms part of our lifes, of the lifes of those who enjoy the stuff on the Internet, so I have to share this... I want you to be informed of what happens :)

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Published on 2016/02/03

I love watching them shaking their booties, mainly Elena Yatkina, the leader, Fraules' coreographer, the famous dance academy in Siberia. Did you know their videos have more than 240 million views on Youtube? Looks like I'm not the only one who loves this Russian chick.

They uploaded a new video. A short one, perfect to watch it quickly and keep doing whatever you were doing before.
Check it out and the others I've included in the post too...

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ExtraBall by conejitasexy23
What a hottie I found on our forum! Wow!

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Published on 2016/01/28

Waka Flocka Flame (Juaquin James Malphurs) is a rapper from Atlanta who became famous back in 2009 thanks to singles like No Hands Or O Let's Do It.
Here we can see his face when a white blonde approached him after a concert and started shaking her butt like his band's sisters and sluts... Oh, but she was much worse than them...

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Hello, Emily Ratajkowski! What's up? It's been a long while since we last knew about you... If you don't show your tits off, you appear nowhere! We men are like this! xoxo!


Una foto publicada por Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) el

Real Friends/No More Parties in LA @babsknapp

Una foto publicada por Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) el


Una foto publicada por Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) el

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