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Published on 2018/02/12

Trash collection.

And today, on Sr Viral...

Great goalkeeper


Very heavy

My pet

Bycicles thief

The Truman Show


Scooter tricks

Rock going!

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Celebrities' booties... Caught by security cameras... And beautiful boobs.

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Published on 2017/05/05

Did you enjoy the trip, Tobby? There were no risk to fall, I told you!"...

And today, on Sr Viral...

(1) Joshua Smith's urban miniatures (2) Tattoos which combine with old scars (3) I'm sure he won't mess with him again (4) Do you take me? (5) Collective fright (6) Steve Casino's customized toys

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The curtain opens for Angela White... Rebecca by the river... and Ariel Winter's big boobs.

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Published on 2016/12/27

Expectation VS. Reality

And today, on Sr Viral...

(1) But, where's the gift? (2) Fail jump (3) Replacing the lamp (4) Alien Covenant (5) Streaker + surprise (6) Mini Sushi

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A shower with September Carrino... Fucking Melissa Moore in the kitchen... and Xo Gisele showing her pussy.

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Published on 2016/09/28

Ragnar Lodbrok touching Lagertha's butt...

Lagertha... Katheryn Winnick... You're so hot!

What they say is true about the Finn's.. This dude rocks. @jasperpaakkonen #Vikings

Una foto publicada por Katheryn Winnick (@katherynwinnick) el

The actors of #Vikings have a message for you..

Un vídeo publicado por Katheryn Winnick (@katherynwinnick) el

Keep it natural.. Less is more. #makeup #EntertainmentWeekly #comiccon2016

Una foto publicada por Katheryn Winnick (@katherynwinnick) el

And today, on Sr Viral...

(1) Don't mock at this goalkeeper (2) Bacon with scrambled eggs (3) Hello Moley, goodbye Thermomix (4) Massachusetts, if you laugh, you lose (5) Trolling the cat (6) 100 hits in 1 second

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Kendall Jenner walking without bra too... Massage with happy end for Joleyn Burst... and Ariel Winter's big boobs. Are you sure this girl had her breasts reduced?

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Published on 2013/10/22

I really enjoyed the photography of Guenter Stoehr, not only because of the models chosen for his different works, but also because of the small scenarios he makes on the models' bodies. It isn't something new, in fact I think one of the first people doing this was Allan Teger back in 1976. Anyway, it's interesting to see those feminine curves becoming steep terrains where little figures do different activities.

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Published on 2013/03/05

If someone deserves the merit of putting miniatures in a sex context, that's without doubt Allan I. Teger... But one thing we must admit is that Mr. Peluche, a miniaturist based in Berlin, has given more life to the nowadays tendence of this practice.

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Published on 2012/08/24

Before you jump to my neck, let me say that I know these photos are very old. In fact, the first are from 1976 and I'm sure you'll have seen many of them while surfing the Internet, but have you visited the author's websites to see all of them??

Those images were made by the photographer Allan I. Teger. I've casually found his website. It's a pity the images are so small because some of them would be great wallpapers.

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