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Published on 2017/04/04

How was the excursion?

And today, on Sr Viral...

(1) Octopus on the run (2) Stop bullying (3) Having a cat as your boss (4) Confectioner chef (5) The life jacket (6) Satisfaction

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Fucking Adria Rae... Taking a bath with Ava Addams... Banging Ariana Marie.

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Published on 2017/02/16

"Mum, I wanna have dinner!"
"Shut up, bitch, and make yourself a sandwich!"

And today, on Sr Viral...

(1) Out of my porch (2) Your first day (3) Master tattoo artists (4) Be careful don't slip on ice (5) Mixing styles (6) Battle for life

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Stolen photos of model Selena Weber at the beach... Fucking Eva Notty... and a young Melena Tara.

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Published on 2016/10/10

When your dog's got a back bigger than yours...

And today, on Sr Viral...

(1) I'm a wasp! I'm gonna sting you! I'm very crazy! (2) Caught on the undercarriage (3) Nothing is gonna stop him (4) A bycicle ride (5) Octopus Vs. Mooray eel (6) Skating to the sky

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Michelle Taylor playing with the camera... If only I could know you... and a very horny wife.

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Published on 2016/07/20

This could only happen in Russia! Poor Porsche!

And today on Sr Viral...

(1) Costume masters... oh wait! (2) Extreme wing jump rope (3) What a bellyflop! (4) XXX the return of Xander Cage (5) A boar's loose (6) Japan Vs. the country you want...

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Kelsi Shay and one pound of Photoshop... Lana Rhoades showing off her body at the beach... and Valory Irene, a bit ugly but perhaps you won't notice it.

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Published on 2016/05/20

Saved by the bell siren.

And today, on Sr Viral...

(1) Follow me, if you can... (2) Shaping (3) The kite (4) Mum's always scared of new technologies (5) SUV (6) This is how the "I was/wasn't the first one" is settled.

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Sensual Jane on the love sip... Rachel Aldana and her huge breasts... and summer compilation with Maria.

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Published on 2016/05/05

Swegway frontflip...

And today, on Sr Viral...

(1) Lebowski meets Pablo Iglesias (2) Football wall tricks (3) A hole in your hand (4) The nutty professor (5) Eating an octopus alive (6) What a beautiful butterfly

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Tits at the Mardi Gras... Ashleigh Rae in a photo shoot for Playboy... and Suzie giving a titfuck.

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Published on 2016/04/22

Never give up...

No matter how bad you see yourself, never throw in the towel.

And don't leave without checking this out...

(1) Welcome to the Republic of POP (2) A rodeo deep in the sea (3) When easy things up get complicated (4) Parachute fail (5) Shoes for tornadoes? (6) The light side Vs the dark side

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Alice Lighthouse, the teacher's favorite... Jillian Janson fucking with a smile in her face... and an Anya Olsen special.

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Published on 2015/10/20

Trevor, Michael and Franklin wanted to pay tribute to rock band Blink 182 and specially to the song What's my age again from the album Enema of the State, launched in 1999.

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"Excuse me, waiter, but I'm afraid this squid is too fresh!"

Hahahaha I mean....I gotta do it! Only in Korea once a year with the fam bam! #livesquid #bizarrefoodskorea #fearfactor 🐙🐙

Un vídeo publicado por Michelle Wie (@themichellewie) el

Published on 2013/09/03

This photoshoot wouldn't have as much transcendence as it has if it wasn't because the model is Stephanie Key, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key's daughter.
Stephanie's studying at the Paris College of Art and this week is beginning the Paris Design Week, using Stephanie Key's photos to promote the event. Quite bizarre pictures in which we can see her naked with an octopus between her legs or covered by BigMacs.

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A pic of Lady Gaga taken by Terry Richardson in the dressing room.

Published on 2012/07/16

Italian Manuel Vason's work doesn't fit Alrincon's contents. He works with naked people, yes, but focusing more in the artistic and performance aspect and less in the women's eroticism and sensuality. Anyway, I found this photo quite amusing.
I leave you with the link to his website in case you wanna take a look. I don't like it but maybe you'll.

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Do you like the octopus? Then I think you'll get horny.

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