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Published on 2017/01/10

Only very bad luck will stop you from fucking tonight... I don't know... Maybe it's a hunch... My intuition says so... Looking at her on her way home, reading her nonverbal language... I think you have guaranteed sex tonight.

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Very little or nothing has been spoken about makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic and how did he primp Kim Kardashian's pussy. Bad. Very bad. These news should appear on newspapers' covers.

You thought I only worked on the face? 😂 BTS glam from the VMAs today on KKW app. #MakeupByMario

Una foto publicada por Mario Dedivanovic (@makeupbymario) el

👀🕵🏻 ok last one LOL. You can see all the rest on her app. #MakeupByMario. 📸 - @steph_shep

Una foto publicada por Mario Dedivanovic (@makeupbymario) el

Nah... I was just kidding... The truth is he didn't make her pussy up, nor did he primp it... but you thought it was true, didn't you?

Published on 2015/09/07

Many parents, before the arrival of their new baby to the house, decide to get the dog used to the new member of the family by giving it diapers or clothes of the baby...

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I need to pee, could you stop, please? Vs I wanna fuck, could you stop, please?

Published on 2015/07/20
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She was so drunk she didn't even know where she was... in fact, as she found herself lying, she thought she was finally at home, on her bed...
Luckily, her husband was there to bring her back.

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Righting your life. Difficulty level: 2 stars.

Este es el enlace de INVITACIÓN para seguirnos por nuestro CANAL de TELEGRAM:

Los usuarios de iPhone o MAC no podéis entrar. Dadle las gracias a Apple y a su política de "nada de porno desde nuestros dispositivos". Si usas Android o Windows, adelante, puedes entrar.

* Además del CANAL, tenemos también un GRUPO en TELEGRAM. Un GRUPO PRIVADO al que resulta díficil acceder porque los GRUPOS de TELEGRAM son como mucho para 5000 pensonas, y nuestro GRUPO, está lleno. Ya no puede entrar nadie más.
Más que un GRUPO, es un CLUB PRIVADO de amigos. Si alguien se va y deja una plaza libre, lo notificaré por la web para que el más rápido pueda hacerse con un sitio.

Puedes probar suerte y comprobar si hay plazas libres mediante este enlace de invitación:

Published on 2013/10/30

Xiaonan, hyperrealism artist, painted Daryl's face "with blood". I really enjoy this kind of stuff.

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You fill my life with colour, you light my awakening, I love you mor every day and I'll never forget you... So? What do you think?

Perhaps you don't understand it. It's intelligent humor.

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