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Published on 2017/08/18

No fucking idea of what provoked this scene, but if my mother saw it, I'm sure she'd say "he must've done something and if he didnt, well, for when he does it".

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And today, on "Pretty, attractive girls and their Instagram accounts", Cecilie Nordahl.


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Published on 2017/07/13

What's the fucking reason for those two first blows? So the other sees you take it seriously?... No wonder you ended up like that, my friend...

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ExtraBall by yomismo
The hottie of the day...

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Published on 2017/06/23

Apollo Creed, heavyweight world champion, died on 31th, August, 1985 at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, in an exhibition combat against Russian boxer Ivan Drago... Apollo's death shocked everybody. His sister, 32 years later, fought against Ivan Drago's sister and defeated her in the first assault, needing only a few seconds.

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Published on 2017/05/09

This is the kind of videos one doesn't know whether to believe it or not... anyway, decide by yourself...
A driver gets out of his car in order to threaten another driver with a baseball bat. He hits the other car with the bat and the other drives get out of it... He only needs one blow to knock him out and then another guy shows up... friend of the first one's... and well, watch it by yourself.

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ExtraBall by crow7
"Don't let those booties be hungry!"

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Published on 2017/02/27

Joshua "Killa" Pagan and Jose "Little Paquiao" Resendiz were fighting a combat when suddenly Pagan's brother decided to jump onto the ring and help him.

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Soraya's best friend... Lana Kendrick measuring her tits... and lesbian moment with Sweet Cat and Paula Shy.

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Published on 2017/02/21

Joe Harding, knows as Joe Nittro, was knocked out by French Johan Sega at the last British Challenge, which took place in Colchester, England, after doing some dance steps with the obvious intention of mocking and provoking his rival...
On the ring we can see a physical fight, but also a psychological one... trying to show your superiority may get your adversary nervous, making him fail. Mockery can make him lost focus too...
Anyway, Joe Harding was a clever clogs this time and, apart from losing his fight, the video of the combat went viral and people made fun of him.

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Mila Azul's beautiful tits... Courtney Alexis Stodden looking to attract some attention... and an always welcomed Tessa Fowler.

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Published on 2017/02/16

We don't use to see knockouts in sumo combats, mainly because punches and kicks are forbidden and they only push one to each other trying to move the rival out of the fighting circle... that's why getting to see a sumo fighter unconscious is so weird.

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Having sex with Tasha Reign... Harmony Reigns gropping Lily Madison... and new photos of Comet Nox

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