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Published on 2017/03/07

Every time I hear the name of Britney Spears, I can't help to remember those images of her with her head shaved chasing with an umbrella a group of paparazzis... I think it was the day she dug her own grave. That day she lost all the sex-appeal she got thanks to her cool music videos and her hot, young chick look.
However, she hasn't said her last word yet. When I see her wearing short dresses, when I see her tight legs... then I like her, but quickly I remember the other images and it lets me down.

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And today, on "Pretty, irresistible girls and their Instagram accounts", model Emma Hernan.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! Wishing you and your valentine the best one yet! @stello

Una publicación compartida de @emmahernan el

Wednesday vibes✌🏻 jumpsuit: @lulus

Una publicación compartida de @emmahernan el

Just touched down in Houston!! Come find me tonight at the @barstoolsports party💕

Una publicación compartida de @emmahernan el

Happy New Year everyone!!! 🍾

Una publicación compartida de @emmahernan el

Good morning LA I see you☀️

Una publicación compartida de @emmahernan el

Act like a lady, think like a man, work like a boss😎

Una publicación compartida de @emmahernan el


Published on 2017/03/06

Nicki Minaj attended last Saturday the Paris Fashion Week in order to see the fashion show of her friend and designer Haider Ackermann... and she went with a tit popping out and therefore eclipsing the modist and the models on the catwalk.

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Published on 2017/03/03

There's one thing I don't understand... When a woman appears on TV dressed sexy, she's being exploited and sexualized and it's considered a sexist, deplorable act (by the feminist side)... without considering that perhaps that woman enjoys wearing sexy clothes... And what about a porn star? She's being humilliated, outraged... used like a simple sexual object, but they forget nobody is forcing them to do that and they're earning money.
I think the problem here is that feminists hate men, no matter what we see or what we do, we're always doing things wrong.
And now, let's put aside this bullshit and enjoy these videos... that's why you visited Alrincon, didn't you?

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Photo shoot with Ashley Graham... Sophie Turner tries her luck in the porn industry... and Rhonda Biasi's amazing body.

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Published on 2017/03/01

ISIL members are fucking crazy! I've watched some videos that trully shocked me. Apart from the usual beheadings, I've seen how do they use 5-year-old kids to execute their hostages. Imagine a small kid shooting a gun from 1.5m and blowing a person's brains out...
And now, instead of using car bombs, they're dropping the bombs from flying drones! I suppose they're running out of people willing to immolate themselves. Crazy. Fucking crazy!

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And after this video, there's only one way to cheer this post up... Hello, Emily... What do you do? Pretty... At the beach? Great!

Take me back 🇬🇷

Una publicación compartida de Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) el


Una publicación compartida de Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) el

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Published on 2017/02/27

The Oscar for best applause goes to...

It reminds me of...

The truth is that last night Nicole was on fire...

And today, on Sr Viral...

(1) A sweet surprise (2) Never lose your smile (3) Between the rival's legs (4) A jetski? (5) A ruinous landing (6) BASE jumping from a balcony

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Comet Nox showing her tits off by the street... Bella Hadid, transparenceas on the catwalk... and a super hot Mila Azul!

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Published on 2017/02/27

Katy Perry, who dyed her hair blond, attended the party organized after the Universal Music Brit Awards in order to drink some alcohol and dance... and she left an unforgettable twerking moment, leaving little to imagination.

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And today, on "Pretty, sexy girls and their Instagram accounts", model Katie Kearney.

Rosé kind of day 🍾💕

Una publicación compartida de Katie Kearney 🌎 (@katiekearney) el

Sunday funday 💙

Una publicación compartida de Katie Kearney 🌎 (@katiekearney) el


Una publicación compartida de Katie Kearney 🌎 (@katiekearney) el

Because next week I'll be on the beach eating tacos and drinking margs 🌮🌶🍹

Una publicación compartida de Katie Kearney 🌎 (@katiekearney) el

Happy Friday 💙🐰

Una publicación compartida de Katie Kearney 🌎 (@katiekearney) el

Just me and the sea 🐳💦

Una publicación compartida de Katie Kearney 🌎 (@katiekearney) el


Published on 2017/02/23

Being a freelancer means working non-stop. Seriously. When you're your own boss, as long as you're a responsible person, you're your own slave. You even use your free days to think, plan, organize or work a while...

- We said no work.
- Yes, I know, it's only a moment.
- Damn it! We came here to relax and forget about work for a few days!
- Yes, yesss! Just a moment, let me cum and I turn the camera off.

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Anissa Kate, license to fuck... Salma Hayek... and a young Milla.

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Published on 2017/02/20

Considering Charlotte McKinney looks awesome on the beach, I wonder why Sports Illustrated hasn't still signed her up to appear in one of their Swimsuit specials.
I suppose they didn't reach an economic agreement and Charlotte wanted more money than SI was willing to pay because I'm sure this chick would be one of the best models for their Swimsuit edition.

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Kendra Roll's beautiful body... Fucking Veronica Radke... and sex with Julie Skyhigh.

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Published on 2017/02/20

After enjoying Chrissy Teigen, Ashley Graham and Kate Upton's half-naked bodies for this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, now it's the turn to marvel at pretty Nina Agdal and Hannah Ferguson's...

Nina Agdal's become a TOPMODEL in uppercase... This 24-year-old Danish girl's reached the top of this profession and she's now one of the most valued models... She became even more famous when her relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio was confirmed.

Hannah Ferguson, who's also 24 and was born in Texas, has been appearing in SI for 4 years, being the 2014's edition and her bodypaining session what gave more fame to her... She also starred in a commercial for Carl's Jr along with Paris Hilton, which helped her strengthen her career.

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Published on 2017/02/17

Yesterday I published some photos and a video starring Kate Upton for this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit... Between the last and this week all the stuff of the 2017 collection has started becoming public and today I wanna share with you the photos and videos of two of the hottest models who appear in this edition: Chrissy Teigen y Ashley Graham...

Chrissy Teigen's 31 and she debuted in Sports Illustrated in 2010. Mother, model and TV presenter...

Ashley Graham (28) is a famous large size model with an ass you'd never finish. She's very pretty and her meats are highly valued...

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