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Published on 2017/10/20

You can't say you can't do something if you don't try it before...

And today, on Sr Viral...

(1) Watch Me white version (2) Blind trust (3) How can I help you, agent? (4) That was really close (5) Are you gonna hit it or not? (6) You did it perfectly (7) A drunkard's three phases (8) You got an awesome selfie there (9) Work accidents

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Model Carola Remer... Ariel Winter for Lapalme magazine... And Lucy Vixen, rocker chick.

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Well, my friends, the week's coming to its end... Are you ready for the weekend?

See you on Monday!

Published on 2017/10/03

Over-confidence or lack of common sense (plus that shield of, whatever I do, nothing will ever happen to me, provoked by a bad education from his parents) make this guy take a nap...

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ExtraBall by luzos

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Published on 2017/08/08

Creative shots #44

And today, on Sr Viral...

(1) Agility (2) Blind trust (3) Mega skateboard (4) Speed test (5) Improvising landing track (6) Rough sea (7) Ice-cream cup (8) Ninja training (9) Expectative vs reality

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Stripping Cara Brett... Playing with the camera... and slutty shopping.

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Published on 2017/01/27


A damaged fluorescent and desire for partying...

And today, on Sr Viral...

(1) I, not robot (2) Too excited (3) Top 10 chases (4) Confidence (5) Rescued from the breakwater (6) When you're still hungry

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The mischiefs of Antonia Sainz... compilation of selfies... and Bella Hadid and seeing-through on the catwalk...

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Published on 2016/06/28

When being eliminated wasn't among your plans.

And today, on Sr Viral...

(1) Like Facebook friends (2) Testing the automatic braking system (3) You lacked some self-confidence (4) The machine that makes couches (5) Tony Hawk and his 900 at age 48 (6) No idea really!

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Published on 2016/04/12

Evolution. Different characters performed by the same actor...

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... Besides, today on Sr. Viral...

(1) Transferring board (2) Jump! Daddy will catch you (3) From the correct angle (4) Ma'am, do you want me to park it? (5) Fishing crocodiles (6) Electrocuted pet

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Tessa Fowler and her oiled tits... Julia from Tokyo... and Aline Riscado sweating to get fame because fame is hard to get.

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Published on 2014/11/05

Spencer Tunick, the photographer who's been photographing crowds of nude people since 1992, was recently in Mexico doing his job, this time with almost 100 women, for a project themed around celebrations for the Day of the Dead.

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Don't worry, Brenda... trust us...

Published on 2013/02/01

A father tries to teach his daughters to trust each other and that's why he decides to do a "trust fall".

- This weekend, family reunion.
- Yes? What a shit.
- Oh, no, we always have much fun.

Published on 2013/01/09

Do you think this kind of things makes you trust people?... I don't know... Tempt them with money, test their loyalty...

When you're going to appear on TV, you only have one thing in mind: please, don't make me look bad. That's why you try to do everything as good as you can... Live shot in 3, 2...

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Published on 2012/10/09

In the movies this uses to have a happy end, but real life isn't a movie... And the video comes from Eastern Europe, where clothes and blankets use to be strong, hardy, resistant.

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