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Published on 2016/10/03

New photos of Emily Ratajkowski are hitting the Internet. She posed naked for a magazine called Joey Magazine... It looks like the pictures were taken back in 2012, so they needed 4 years to show up... Joey Mag's website doesn't work, so I suppose it was a project that disappeared.

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And today, on "Pretty and fuckable girls and their Instagram accounts", we're glad to count on Amia Miley. Hello, Amia, I'd bang you endlessly.

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Una foto publicada por Amia Miley (@msfashkilla) el

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Una foto publicada por Amia Miley (@msfashkilla) el

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Una foto publicada por Amia Miley (@msfashkilla) el

Una foto publicada por Amia Miley (@msfashkilla) el

✨Watch this booty live throughout the day. Download SUPE and follow me: amiamiley ✨ @supeapp

Una foto publicada por Amia Miley (@msfashkilla) el

Night ✌🏽️

Una foto publicada por Amia Miley (@msfashkilla) el

Looking for Tom 👀😂

Una foto publicada por Amia Miley (@msfashkilla) el


Published on 2016/09/29

Vitalii Sediuk (Ukraine), a professional celebrities stalker, the same that grabbed Gigi Hadid from behind and lifted her, tried to kiss Kim Kardashian's butt. He wasn't successful.

Before his lips could touch her ass, Kim's bodyguard threw him to the ground.

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Selfies compilation... Tessa Fowler became a trekkie... and Capri Anderson, open-minded and open legs.

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Joey Lauren Adams and her dog.

Published on 2016/09/29

We know Katy Perry has a predilection for the Democrats and specially for Hillary Clinton because she's said so more than once, so it doesn't surprise me... What we couldn't expect is that she was to appear "naked" in a commercial supporting Hillary.
Katy wants people to go to vote as soon as they wake up, be it in a pijama, a nightgown, a T-shirt or, like her, naked...

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Hottie: Lillias White... An experience with Riley Reid... and Joanna Krupa walking by L.A., joins the trend of going out without bra.

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Published on 2016/09/28

With this Canadian SWAT you have time to arm yourself, throw the cocaine into the WC, kill the kidnapped woman or run away through the back window, go to the bus station and buy a ticket to escape to another city.
Just missing the vehicles didn't show up with the ice cream truck's music.

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She knows what are you thinking. They know that and much more.
Making up Ariel Winter's big butt.

BUTT really, don't miss a spot @kipzachary 📸: @davinaadjani #secretshoot #embraceyourcurves

Una foto publicada por ARIEL WINTER (@arielwinter) el


Published on 2016/09/21

Charlotte McKinney's a good example of the power of two big boobs. Every time I come across some photos of her, I can't help creating a post about her... Her huge tits have a kind of siren effect that lure you... In these pictures we can see her going to the supermarket, of course without wearing a bra...

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Britney Spears goes crazy...

It's been a while since I've cut loose 😂😜

Un vídeo publicado por Britney Spears (@britneyspears) el

Published on 2016/09/20

Let's enjoy these two new Tumblr accounts of amateur girls who love sharing their sexuality and their bodies...

The author of lupinum shows a predilection for extreme sex and hardcore... Bondage, whips, submission, pain... A very horny redhead who I'm sure would've been burnt for being a witch some centuries ago...

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Stella, who owns the account "constellationsofyou", likes astrology, the Universe, the planets and how these affect our lifes and decisions.
I'm pretty sure she must like sleeping naked, dancing and, of course, taking nude selfies, always as an artistic expression.

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Awesome topless of Elisabetta Gregoraci, Flavio Briatore's wife... Seeing through Kendra Wilkinson's clothes, former Playboy girl and Hugh Hefner's ex wife... and a video of Tessa Fowler jumping on an elastic bed!

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Published on 2016/09/19

I don't know if Kim thinks her throne in the Kardashian family is in danger or she's just wilder than ever, but if you use to visit us every day, you probably noticed Kim's going to many places without bra... I like it, but I'm sure there must be another reason than just comfort...

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And now, on "Pretty girls and their Instagram accounts", Natalie Belden.

The type of girl that eats a snack while looking for a better snack

Una foto publicada por Natalie Belden (@natalie_belden) el

Wet hair in Boston today

Una foto publicada por Natalie Belden (@natalie_belden) el

I said REALLY really

Una foto publicada por Natalie Belden (@natalie_belden) el

Should probably get my ass to class

Una foto publicada por Natalie Belden (@natalie_belden) el


Una foto publicada por Natalie Belden (@natalie_belden) el

No boys allowed

Una foto publicada por Natalie Belden (@natalie_belden) el


Published on 2016/09/16

I doubt there's anyone who doesn't know who Katee Owen is. Perhaps you don't recognize her name, that uses to happen, but I'm sure you've watched at least one video or some GIFs of her.

Katee Owen started to become famous on the Internet 5 yeras ago. This video riding a bycicle in bikini really helped because it was shared not only on adult websites, but also on half of the Internet...
If you google "girl in bikini bicycling" her videos comes out first

But Katee Owen didn't secured her fame thanks to that video, but thanks to her nude scenes she published on her website KateeLife.
I know many people won't read this text and that's why I'm leaving a hidden link, this one, with a video that only those reading this will get to watch...
We've published three videos of Katee on our Telegram channel, where we can see her brushing her teeth, taking a shower and taking a dip in a river. It's possible you've already watched them because this content has been heavily shared on the Internet, but I'm sure you won't care taking a look at them again.

And if you haven't watched them yet, be ready to enjoy some minutes in company of one of the Goddesses of the Internet!

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Viola Bailey and Candy Alexa taking advantage of a poor guy... Brittany Shae very devoted in the kitchen... and a gorgeous Charlotte McKinney on a beach in Hawaii.

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Published on 2016/09/16

In a parallel universe, some of the most desired celebrities make a living out of working for Naked News and other news where they get naked in order to attract more viewers. These celebrities are, among others, Emma Watson, Katy Perry, Kaley Cuoco, Paris Hilton or Miley Cyrus...

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Selfies and wake up calls... fitness session... and the horny runner.

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Published on 2016/09/15

This summer, Kim Kardashian was on vacation in Mexico along with some friends. Kim was photographed wearing an orange tight dress and, following some videos she published on Snapchat, her ass was compared with the peach emoji we can use in some apps.

That's the reason behind this video. A parody of that comparation... perhaps you should use that peach emoji before having your butt operated.

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Mischa Barton posing without bra in a photocall... playing pool with Kyla Cole... and Thais Lafuente with Nacho Vidal for Evil Angel.

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